Friday and leads the prayers of the demonstrators
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Thread: Friday and leads the prayers of the demonstrators

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    Friday and leads the prayers of the demonstrators

    Friday and leads the prayers of the demonstrators

    Tuesday 23-02-2016 | 5:51:19

    Twilight News / announced Office "Martyr Sadr," the establishment of a prayer uniform Friday for protesters in Baghdad Imamate Moqtada al-Sadr leader, who called her yesterday.

    He said, "Martyr Sadr," the Office said in a statement seen by Twilight News, that the assembly date of the demonstration will be in time ten in the morning, and will be held Friday prayers there united in Tahrir Square, the imamate of al-Sadr.

    The office called for a build-up of the demonstration by all available means and broad participation and active participation in the demonstration millions. And to be purely an Iraqi representing the aspirations of the people. And limiting logos to claim the conquest of Iraq exclusively. Without raising any knowledge of non-Iraqi flag.

    Sadr called yesterday to demonstrate on Friday in Tahrir Square in Baghdad, in a move to support his plan launched by "to overhaul the government's performance."

    Tries to chest the imposition of a list of "independent Iraqi figures" on the al-Abadi, whose mission would be to form a committee to choose a new ministerial cabin.

    Chest and feet to Abadi list of names for inclusion in the committee and they both "judge Abdul Qadir al-Hamdani and judge Sami Mamouri judge Aso Sophie", as well as academics who are both "Vord Kamal Nazmi and Faleh Abdul-Jabbar and safety-law," adding that " The Committee also will include Shabibi and Ghazi Cka and Jabbar and coffee. "

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