House of Representatives directed an ultimatum to the absent of its members

Political Since 02.23.2016 at 09:52 (Baghdad time)

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Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed on Tuesday that the House will direct ultimatum to MPs who have exceeded the maximum number of Gaabathm.

It was, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, had threatened last week to cancel the membership of some deputies to attend the meetings of the Council during the current legislative term.

The committee member said Mohsen al-Sadoun's / balances News /, that "the president of the House of Representatives announced the separation of any vice frequent absences on time," pointing out that "this affects the functioning of the House of Representatives and the responsibility of the Attorney candidate by the people and his lack of attendance."

He said al-Saadoun, said that "next week will reveal the names of persons over the Gaabathm the period stipulated in the rules of procedure of the parliament."

Saadoun and, that "there is action by the board of the presidency under the direction of the ultimatum absent and their commitment warning otherwise it will be dismissed as stipulated in the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives."

He pledged Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, declaring the names of the deputies during the current legislative " .anthy 29 / P 40