Integrity Commission for Oargi: We found many real estate securities registered in your name after 2003

February 23, 2016 7:47
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Media Centre confirmed to the board of impartiality Monday, 02.22.2016 considered the judicial authorities in the files forwarded by the Authority within responsible funds inflation file requires time before these authorities to decide, stressing that the mission entrusted to it on according to law in force No. 30 for the year 2011 ends Once you convert those files to the judiciary, which is vested with the task of deciding those files.

He noted the center through its official website that the former deputy prime minister Bahaa al-Araji's statements that it is gone confirmed to justice and the board of integrity and ask them interrogated some issues related to real estate possessed before 2003, where Mr. Araji stressed that those registered in his name in real estate departments Date real estate Mstmlkh before 2003, and challenged everyone to prove otherwise.
Here the body was Investigation of what his request, Mr. al-Araji of the Authority itself, through its formation of committees for research, audit and investigation in the circles of real estate registration, install a non-validity of the allegations, and they found many of the real estate bonds registered in his name far in 2003; and the outcome that led to investigations body was according to the law No. 30 for the year 2011 that there is inflation of money and exploited career influence in some joints have been mentioned in the complaint referral to the judiciary, Mr. Araji can behavior of due process before the courts to prove the legitimacy of owning these properties during the period of his accession to the presidency of the legal Committee and the Committee on integrity Alniabaten and vice-president Minister rather than the transfer of the case to the media is not consistent with the legal framework that must be displayed by the officials.
Here are intending body was to confirm it's Atstahedv person or party or bloc, and no hostility with anyone, it runs from the legal perspectives purely armed with neutrality and independence and to distance herself from being a party to any dispute between politicians, as it confirms to deal with inflation, money file The graft is a highly professional manner fully and impartially, expressive deep surprise at the statements and accusations leveled especially by some Referred those responsible to justice those charges, telltale that all of the accused hypertrophic funds or graft can clear his name through exclusively of the judiciary, and not through a statement in the media.
And alert the body was again that it is entrusted with the maintenance of public money and to hold abusers whatever their addresses and that no one then is above the law, and will go ahead with the legal procedures in a professional and independent, and will not be subject due to permit this or that party and that it is ready to resort to legal means guaranteed by law her right of claiming the body was, as it moves in its procedures, Mtoklh in all of this on God Almighty, and armed with power and conscience of the people of Iraq Aziz.
In response to the statement in Mr. al-Araji's remarks on the request to withdraw the hand of the President of the Authority, the Media Center confirms that everyone knows who is the head of the Authority, and it is not those who clung to their former job or clinging Currently, warning that Dr. Yasiri have commented "resignation" in his office since the first day of his accession to the presidency of the responsibility of the Authority, pointing out more than once, Yasiri announce his intention to resign, but after standing generally affect some of the public funds and the rights of the Iraqi people, and after that everyone understands that no one is above the law.