Federal Parliament warns fifty deputies to reaching the upper limit of absences

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Tuesday 02/23/2016

BAGHDAD - A fraternity
He said the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana that legislative term former saw a warning 50 deputies to reaching the upper limit of absences from the sessions in the legislative season the past, noting that some of the errors occurred in the vacation calculation, because the absences recorded during the session, while the arguments are made available after logging absence leads to revocation of the record MP, while remaining at the official site of the parliament.
Said Youkhana: that according to the law, it is beyond the absences limit, or sick leave allowed, is the MP articles and being replaced by the same mechanism that is by replacing the House of Representatives, adding that the board president asked for the names of MPs who exceeded Gaabathm upper limit them, to decide on their subject.
He Youkhana that the total vacations of 15 days for the vice one, but vacations exceptional it is a matter for the board presidency, while the sick leave is not longer than the share of House of Representatives member from vacations 15, explaining that the council warned the 50 deputies from exceeding the number of absences allowed officially by recent legislative recess, with reservation for two deputies said there were many cases of absence during the current legislative term, is also expected to be a warning to them.