Work and World Bank discuss achieving integrated social protection system in Iraq

Tuesday, 23-02-2016 05:23 am

Iraq today Osama Al the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, on Wednesday, in cooperation with the World Bank, roundtable discussions of the partners in the Rashid Hotel in Baghdad.
Ministry official tongue-Menem,--said: "the discussions, roundtable will take place with the patronage of the Minister of labour-Mohammed sheyaa, under the slogan" together for an integrated system of social protection in Iraq ", the aim of these discussions:" aimed at the Ministry of labour informing development partners for the Iraqi Government on the strategic road map for social protection for the years 2015-2019, and their relationship to poverty and economic and social development in Iraq ", and others, will be present in the Ministry and World Bank discussions : "You will be discussing possible areas of cooperation between the partners and the Iraqi Government, in General, between the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, in particular, to support the implementation of the road map and to ensure complementarity of efforts of partners in the field of social protection in Iraq", sealing Menem: "that the discussions will take place in the presence of representatives of the Finance Committee, and the Parliamentary Labour Committee.