Parliamentary Economy: application of the customs tariff supports the economy and diversify imports



The Commission on the economy and investment representative, on Monday, that the law of customs tariff will be applied to all government ports, without exception, including the Kurdistan region, as indicated it beginning to support the country's economy and diversify its imports, called on economists to activate a package of support for the Law of the tariff laws.
The Iraqi cabinet decided, the introduction of points in the approved border crossing points shall audit and make sure customs tariff are met, and the introduction of standardization of quality control points.
She said a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Nora Salem Albjara, in an interview for the "long" that "the law of customs tariff will be applied in all government ports without any exception, including Kurdistan, indicating that" the Interior Ministry and agencies Almsoalh from the application of customs tariff law they set up Sitarat before border crossings for areas that suffer from the problems and differences in their application to monitor offenders. "
"The government has formed a coordinating committees between the Ministry of Planning and the provincial government on the need to apply the customs tariff as a result of objections of some provinces to enforce the law on the territory without its outlets outlets."
Albjara explained that "the economic crisis has pushed the federal government to apply the ruling economic laws, the most important customs tariff law, which provides for the state treasury billions of dinars a month."
She noted "the existence of unofficial outlets controlled by mafias influential in most provinces prohibit the application of laws, so must the Ministry of Planning and Interior departments Almsoalh cooperation and coordination for the application of the customs tariff law, to be a deterrent for offenders to commit their application."
And it increased by saying that "to start activating the law, accompanied by a lot of the administrative and technical problems that will end shortly after the operation."
In turn, said the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, in an interview for the "long" that "there are ongoing about the need to apply customs tariffs in all government ports, including Kurdistan agreements, but should be enacted this law to the circumstances of the current economic country, and the need to diversify its imports to be able to supplement the the operating budget money. "
She added, "we seek to develop the collection of internal laws also exist in most developed countries and the eradication of rampant corruption in government outlets by some of the staff who transfer without applied properly," and demanded that "the use of modern technology and surveillance cameras, at all border crossing points to ensure their application to everyone. "
She said Tamimi, "The border crossings employees need to be trained and to an advanced system of sophisticated technology and computers, because most of them Aimitlkon scientific qualifications and Aegedon work according to modern systems through the computer to enter information and classified in the form of tables showing the money entering numbers to each port on a daily basis."
For his part, economist Mohammed Hammad al-Ani, in an interview for the "long", that "the application of economic laws is a priority for any government that wants to sustain its financial system and maintain the basic pillars which manages the wheel of sustainable growth."
"The entry of Iraq in the realm of economic crisis, prompting the government to seek funds to bridge the budget deficit of 60% of the total state budget, while the past 13 years did not pay politicians and officials of any importance to activate the various resources of the country for their dependence on oil sales, which has become a curse for the Iraqi people. "
He said al-Ani said "activation Government Act without the other does not build a strong and able to cope with recurrent crises, economic system, so it should be an economic base developed through initiating the development of inter-related laws, which means an increase of internal financial resources and make it birthright of the state and improve the services provided to citizens as a result of endurance financial Colva real. "
He said the "domestic industry and its disappearance was delayed as a result of the backward policies pursued by successive governments to make Iraq a consumer market for the products of neighboring countries which are not characterized by the characteristics of quality as in the local product."
"The TGP customs tariff law needs to accompany the implementation of economic measures to avoid a rise in the real values ​​of some consumer items that affect the incomes of citizens in a negative light."
Ani confirmed that "the conflict of powers between the federal government and local governments in the provinces not to have contributed to the application of trade laws and go billions of dollars to the pockets of mafias headed by influential officials prevented the implementation of the customs tariff law over the past years in various ways."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced on Thursday the (6 August 2015), the postponement of the introduction of the new customs tariff, attributing this to ensure the readiness of the border crossing points to be applied away from the "corruption and double standards."
Customs and tariffs are taxes levied on goods imported by the State on the other, used several customs tariff countries to protect the industry from foreign competition by raising prices of imported goods, so the customs tariff encourage local industries to increase their production, and forced citizens to pay higher prices if they wish imported goods, the Ministry of Finance has adopted a new Kmarkip fees on imported goods, this procedure has sparked mixed reactions among economists, investors and traders in the area of ​​impact on the reduction of the entry of imported goods and rising prices.