Highlights on the chest and a draft proposal for the Baghdad government of technocrats ... where Minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi them!

Baghdadi morning

Monday February 22.2016

Must be drawing board mosaic technocrat government of Iraqi colors of the spectrum and not the color faded blatant partisan suffered from behind of view of the Iraqi citizen color blind to the severity of the ugliness of vivid colors!

Author in a gesture made ​​by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr a few days ago and by providing a list of names to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Iraqi figures to take on the formation of a neutral committee to choose a new cabinet line-up and that the choice of ministers will be according to the standard: independence, and not belonging to any of the ruling parties, and to be of Iraqi nationality campaign and it is multi other foreign nationals and to be professional people, competence and efficiency! This most important proposals for the selection of Mr. Sadr Minister! This proposal I find harmony one way or another, or is the closest of the draft Baghdadi Foundation Media national government rescue.

Without a doubt such suggestions posed by some of the government's political arena, a frantic attempts to save what can be saved at this critical period that too through which Iraq after more traffic three years of widespread corruption, nepotism and bribery that has become an epidemic that kills and threatens the body of the Iraqi state at heart and foreshadowing Ptvkkha to Doblatt and cantons closed party, especially that there are challenges on the artificial terrorism coming from behind the border, in addition to the growing control of the party militias and organized crime gangs the capabilities of the state's economy has become with the passage of time and the weakness of the state alternative to the government so that became the Iraqi citizen Hilji to party militias to take the right of the usurped rather than resorting to the courts and this case very serious and began to take social, economic and political dimensions and become granted them.

Known for personal Abadi as always reluctant to government decision-making fateful even if any decision he attributed it to the heads of party blocs for fear of Ogdhabhm and therefore launched extensive campaigns it for the purpose of reference for his decision, it does not take any decision on its own and be in the interest of the Iraqi citizen, it is confronted with severe intercepted is very but when taken a decision in the interest of directly or indirectly religious ruling political parties, these parties and Berlmaneha acceleration to support such decisions by him and this is an important point and very becoming of the reality of the situation and political circumstances experienced by Iraq now!.

Proposal of Mr. Sadr undoubtedly will and find censure and condemnation of some public and the other hidden among all partisan and religious power blocs to participate because they consider such proposals to marginalize their role in the formation of the government and they see as an unjustified loss of the so-called election by merit! Especially now that there are more than one partisan political bloc participant Shiite alliance against this proposal and are working to foil various ways and means.

I find it in the context of my follow up closely the political affairs of government that the proposal submitted by Baghdadi Foundation briefing on the National Salvation Government worthy proposal that discusses and that applies especially as a proposal close to al-Sadr's proposal as well as the most important rationalization of ministries and make it between 12 to 15 ministries and for a true two years we have reservations on some points raised by al-Sadr's proposal!

I think it is very important is to be left to the Minister of technocrats which will vest with the advancement of the ministry to get rid of first officials bipartisan corrupt an important first step because if it remains a corrupt official in the ministry will work hard to turn all means at its disposal to block plans that would put the minister! And proceed then to restructure the ministry according to scientific bases technique sober and save her from her career sag and heroine disguised and that includes changing not only ministries but must include the judiciary and also as well as departments and independent institutions, and the most important of the Financial Inspection Office and the Central Bank of Iraq and network media and the Integrity Commission, and leave it to the Minister of Freedom absolute work and make the necessary plans for the advancement of his ministry and that there is support for him is not unlimited and that the minister present parliament with his plan and implementation phases and recommendations and the results every six months and even allow him complete freedom is diminished with the help of Western expertise if it was found that there is an urgent her need!

Let him think ... laissez-faire ... let him produce!

Without doubt there were very few hardly ever does not transgress the fingers more or less of the ministers and officials proved turn through ministerial work as the holders of experience and competence and integrity of these three factors combined are the key to success for the work any minister or official and actually they want advancement reality service of the Ministry and thus reflected the outcome at home, but they ran into a wall and a bulwark of corrupt officials who have been appointed without any competence or professional let alone integrity, which is the farthest from the functional personality!.

I do not have a personal and a former relationship knowledge with former minister Mr. Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, but like anyone Iraqi observer and interested in the conditions of his homeland has identified him closely through the writings of research and studies and articles on the advancement of the Iraq service after he fought against the former prime minister and put in the wheel of his ministry sticks ... imagine term who arrived a mechanism for political recklessness that the minister or government official is combated by the boss !? Mr. Allawi has said in one of his meetings with the press that: "One of the reasons why his resignation from the Ministry of Communications is the intervention of the Ministry's work as prime minister without any regard for the independence and professionalism in the work of his ministry." And stressing the role that "the reasons Astqalath his refusal to sign a corrupt decades nominated him al-Maliki, notably with respect to what to and from Iraq, called the force for passing the external communications gates of any sale and purchase minutes communication in trading these minutes market and he shares through his position in the detection of many cases of corruption, calling the integrity Commission to investigate the corrupt real accusing simultaneously adviser technical ministry Hiam Yasiri involvement in many of the files of corruption, expressing surprise at the appointment of the Commission of inquiry into the files of corruption in the ministry.

So I find as a citizen Iraqis to be re-assigned portfolio of the Ministry of transportation to him again and apply what we want to apply it to the promotion and development of the fact the service and not just the minister Allawi, but there are professionals other officials is true that the number is small, but the competence and efficiency and professionalism of the owners was to fight them and overthrow them politically and are unethical because they have these features, so the fight against more than a direct means and indirectly.

In this place there are a number of Iraqi personalities and by watching the number of their meetings and press televised I find that they are the more worthy to be ordained ministries affect the reality of the Iraqi citizen service, including, for example, but not limited to oil expert Prof. Dr. Salah Baqir al-Ahmed al-Moussawi, which is later the other that assigned to it in the oil ministry in the government of the upcoming change, as well as Dr. Ali Al-Shammari and Dr. Shaker sample Ji and Dr. Ala Din Alwan, who have left their ministries and responsibility functional collision sway party militias and corrupt officials !.

Government of technocrats, which awaits the Iraqi street must be professional and with absolute independence and not headed and this is important to the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi because frankly, has failed miserably in its functions and this is not my words, and newborn and development saying of the man the Iraqi street, and became aware of the proximity, both when he was in opposition earlier or later in the judgment and be held accountable and the trial of the ruling religious parties and other of the political blocs to participate decision in the case of interfering directly or indirectly in the way the minister and that is defamation in all print media and broadcast to the Iraqi citizen knows who those who stand by way of service and to be more severe punishment punished in the upcoming parliamentary elections, and that is public education People from all media career on such a move and that I find very important and that no one is trading his vote whatsoever from any party was again !.

And last but not least: the more I hear about the formation of a government of technocrats sense the where my pen Are you still alive ! With all of this for us was this intervention and to express an opinion in this regard for the benefit of the Iraqi people alone is not a partner !.