Baghdad levy customs duties on goods Region


Monday February 22.2016

Customs authorities said in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, said the Iraqi government had decided to impose customs duties on the coming of the county goods in the direction of the center and south of the country.

The Deputy Customs Iraq's Kurdistan region manager, Abdul Qader Abdullah, in a press statement released on Monday, said that the scrutiny of goods points I took spreading in areas that separates the Kurdish region from the influence of the Iraqi government areas in the center and south of the country, and shall meet the customs duties on passers goods from Kurdistan to the center and south. "

He attributed the same official this procedure to the application of Baghdad tariff system is not applied Erbil. does not apply authorities Iraqi Kurdistan tariffs on business system at the moment, because of the economic problems that pass through the region and the desire to avoid restrictions on merchants.

It was considered a member of the Iraqi parliament from the Kurdish bloc, Bakhtiar Shaways, Iraq's action a "political," adding that it violates the Constitution which does not allow the imposition of tariffs on goods traded within Albulad.oukal Shaways, in a press statement, said that the Iraqi government's decision "political targets of the Kurdistan region. The region must complain the Iraqi government to the Federal Court. "

For her part, she saw a member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Najiba Najib, that this decision will lead to an increase in commodity prices, which contrasts, according to Najib, together with efforts to reduce the goods and the prices of goods in order to help people to cope with the economic crisis that has plagued Iraq now.