A source reveals the causes of the financial challenges and the shortfall in the budget

2016/02/20 17:51 Number of Views: 347

He attributed the government source said on Saturday, the causes of the financial challenges and the shortfall in the budget for the financing of approved expenditures within the financial budget for the current year the law, the political Aaguetsada to represented by conflicts and disputes between the political blocs and parties authoritarian, which leads the state, as well as financial and security challenges because of rampant corruption, and the need to face Daash by the need to increase military spending.

He called the source during his speech for "tomorrow Press", hiring a team of specialists in the economic side to contribute to the development of practical measures to implement the recommendations and follow up on the possibility of their implementation and the preparation of a reform program in accordance with the action plan under the supervision of the government, and the resolution of the liquidation of outstanding financial accounts of the ministries, including the (account deposit), which contains large amounts of code, and make the settlement of accounts between the state and the private sector, to be settled because it is disabled and without any little benefit, in order to get out of the financial crisis.

The source added that the government committee and parliamentary joint Academy looked at multiple meetings, the possibility of converting consuming governmental institutions to producing, selling and investment of state-owned real estate and turn it into cash contribute to resolving the crisis, or find other means such as raising the rent, with the ability to run the industrial and agricultural sectors and the application customs tariff law at all border crossings.

The source indicated that the Committee stressed the necessity of activating and encouraging tourism in Iraq, including the religious, and obtaining debt owed by the mobile phone companies that ignore or refrain from paying what Bzmtha of financial dues to the state.

The source explained that the Commission recommended during the meetings, the possibility to benefit from the central bank initiative launched five billion dollars to support the industrial and agricultural sectors, and create a mechanism limiting the chances of financial corruption and waste of funds.

He criticized the manner of the source of fiscal and monetary budget preparation, and work to maintain foreign exchange reserves, and to invite the central bank to change the dinar's exchange rate to reduce the chances of foreign currency smuggling, and tighten controls on the currency auction.