Honest: recovery of looted funds "pure fantasy."

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The head of the parliamentary bloc honest Hassan Salem, Monday, that the corrupt and the people are stealing money from the victim, which pay the tax a day after Link specter of taxes and levies, which has become one of APOP corruption.

Salim said at a news conference in the House of Representatives and attended / balances News /, "The talk in the wave of reforms and changes much the Iraqi people, oppressed go back to hear from time to time and thoughts terms resonant," pointing out that "there were quotas and compatibility and acceptability Today technocrats and independent and substantial and comprehensive and so on. "

He pointed to Salem, said that "everyone seeks to reform and change, but we want real reforms, not to be tornadoes media or anesthesia stage expressed by the country's politicians phase."

He said Salem "If we want real reforms, let's start with the party leaders and blocs diagnosis belonging to them corrupt elements of the ministers and agents of the Ministry and employees and hold them accountable under the title Where did you get this? And brought to justice and recover the money stolen and this is a fantasy because some blocs and parties are involved corruption and through force the minister and the rest of its cadres to get contracts and projects and even illegal money. "

And between Salem he said "everyone seeks to technocrats and to be independent of ministerial cabin official by the Prime Minister and the accountant reported no income for parties and blocs them and devote parties and blocs to take a real role in the accounting and control," stressing that "replace, change minister inadequate because corruption has been rampant in all aspects of the state it was at the agent and general manager and the employee they are appointed under the quota system. "

He called Salem eliminate the slack existing in the ministries, where there is a glut in Executive and sufferers and Almazvin This is caused by the quota system, noting that independent bodies on the surface and the interior of quotas and the reason for the emergence of these bodies is that of failure in the elections must Trdath separated him the post of the head or body Director or counselor. "

He stressed on the Salem, said that "the real solution to the political process that the calendar and make it go the right way is to strengthen the judiciary and regulators and to be resolute in the fight against corruption and the corrupt accountable."

The House of Representatives has hosted last Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss ways to form a government of technocrats Almertqubh.anthy 29 / P 40