State law calls for the speaker of parliament start implementing reforms to the Presidency


Roudao - Erbil

It demanded the MP for the coalition of state law emotions blessing Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, begin by applying reforms on himself and his two deputies by reducing the number of members of Hamayate and protections of the Presidency of the Council members.

It said in a statement reported by its press office today received Roudao network media a copy of it: "The reform process included most of the state institutions, including the legislature through reducing protections of Representatives and pay cuts, and this is a positive thing, but we were waiting for the president of the House of Representatives to begin applying reform himself and the presidency of the Council members by reducing the number of members of Hamayatem, the president of the Council should have set an example of the deputies. "

She added: "The number of members of the protections of President of the Council, according to the report published by the media 60 people, and the protections of his deputies 40 people each deputy, and the salary of each one of them more than a million dinars, and if these figures were published incorrect. We hope that the issue of the President of the Council to deny or clarify this particular, otherwise the his silence towards these numbers mean it's true. "

She stressed the grace of "the need to take account of the Presidency of the Council the current situation of the country suffocating financial crisis that beset it, and reduce the number of Hamaiadtha and reduce Aivadadtha that cost the state treasury huge amounts of money, to be an example of true reform in deeds and not in words."