Rasheed Bank denies the deduction of 5% of the holders of ironing Card

11:59, February 22, 2016

Baghdad, a local opinion

Denied media responsible Hameed Rasheed Bank hopes to be released from directing the management of the bank to deduct the amount of 5% of the salaries of pensioners and holders of ironing Card.
Hamid said there was a misunderstanding about the release of the book obtained from the Ministry of Finance or the Board of experts includes increasing currency.
She said that Hameed Rasheed Bank commercial bank and has a great currencies, indicating that the bank's friendly dealings with many outlets, including the owners of ironing MasterCard cards.
She Hamid said there are old and new commissions have taken place in the last period, noting that the new currency was set at one hundred thousand for each 100 hundred fifty million ports card Ironing staff are not allowed to be deducted from employees or retirees .anthy