Secrets revealed for first time-blessings of Maliki-PM is on Iraq to Iranian colony
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Thread: Secrets revealed for first time-blessings of Maliki-PM is on Iraq to Iranian colony

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    Secrets revealed for first time-blessings of Maliki-PM is on Iraq to Iranian colony

    Secrets revealed for the first time: the blessings of al-Maliki, the prime minister is on Iraq to 'Iranian colony'?

    Iraqi voters locked in a week after a new voting process to elect a new parliament, in turn, choose the head of the new government. Government, possibly led by current Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, for the third time.

    And trying to State of Law coalition, led by al-Maliki to get enough votes to secure a majority in parliament, which will ensure its continuation in power for another four years.

    Observers believe that the prime minister for a new mandate would plunge the country into the abyss, and that his third term, will serve as the "last nail in the coffin of Iraq."

    The following is a detailed report prepared by the American New Yorker magazine highlights the Secrets and Mysteries policy in Iraq, and the role of al-Maliki and Tehran and Washington, what is happening.

    In his reign, it erupted in Iraq's sectarian war claimed the lives of thousands, and widened the gap between Sunnis and Shiites and spread the scourge of corruption in state institutions and joints, and increased Iran's influence in the region.

    Maliki as the Iraqi government

    Who is al-Maliki, you wonder? And how to climb in power in Iraq?

    In early 2006, at the height of armed clashes and sectarian war, he summoned the US ambassador to Baghdad at the time, Zalmay Khalilzad, to teleconference with US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, to discuss the political scene in Iraq. The coalition of Shiite parties that time had won the most votes in the parliamentary elections held in January 2005, but their candidate for prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, was facing serious problems hindered reaching an agreement with the rest of the political forces to form a government.

    Jaafari has angered the Bush Petrddh and his inability to make crucial decisions at a time when the country is sinking by the blood of Iraqis.

    President Bush asked Ambassador Khalilzad: "Can you get rid of Jaafari?" US Ambassador answered yes, but said it would be difficult.

    Khalilzad is working to prevent al-Jaafari to secure a parliamentary majority and form a government under his chairmanship. The ambassador continued his efforts even these amended Jaafari's decision to take over the ministry, but it is required to Khalilzad, to be the new Prime Minister of the Dawa Party.

    It seemed Ali al-Adeeb, a leader of the Dawa Party, the logical candidate, but Khalilzad was hesitant about it, since his father, an Iranian, and many Iraqis are convinced that Iran controls the country effectively.

    I arrived puzzled Khalilzad on the optimal candidate for the presidency of the Iraqi government, a large degree even said "it rational not be in the owner of the 30 million people of the country a candidate for the government only man who is not able to make a decision (Jaafari) and another Iranian (writer), is not there someone else? "

    The US ambassador to utter these words in front of the liaison officer in the CIA.

    In response the officer said, "I have a candidate you" named al-Maliki.

    Nuri al-Maliki was not known, to a large extent, among Americans, though he served in the committee in charge of clearing the Iraqi government of former members of the Baath Party (de-Baathification committee).

    Intelligence officer went on, saying: "It is clean", he was not corrupt, and does not have a clear link to terrorist activities. "We do not have any evidence of it," and, unlike al-Jaafari, al-Maliki was the "strong man", he seems able to confront the Iranian tide in Iraq.

    "Let me see him," Khalilzad said.

    On the night of that day, during a dinner at the US Embassy in the Green Zone, Khalilzad said al-Maliki asked if he was thinking of becoming prime minister? Maliki jumped astonished .. says Ambassador Khalilzad.

    An interview with the two men, al-Maliki said that he could secure the votes to form a government.

    After dinner, contact the Ambassador of the White House to reach President Bush what had happened.

    Maliki became prime minister three months after that dinner at the US Embassy.

    Maliki and the Dawa party operations

    Despite assurances from the intelligence officer at the US Embassy and some US officials that al-Maliki was "clean", there is talk about the involvement of al-Maliki in the Iraqi terrorist operations against Western targets and the other in the eighties.

    A former official at the CIA said the agency handed US officials detailed reports on some aspects of the "dark" in the history of al-Maliki, but those American officials condoned those reports under the pretext of the absence of compelling evidence incriminating.

    He described one of the US officials as "the best that was available" at that point, Maliki was not "very clean", as is the case with many officials and Iraqi leaders.

    Maliki was born in 1950, to be included in the ranks of the Dawa Party, who fought against Saddam Hussein's regime for five decades. The party suffered its members to kill, torture and death at the hands of Saddam's regime, implemented at that stage operations against Iraqi interests and the interests of the Western countries that supported Baghdad at the time.

    In 1981, it implemented a subsidiary of the Dawa party elements, and supported by Iran, a suicide bombing targeted the Iraqi embassy in Beirut. Although the attack that claimed the lives of about 60 people, including the Iraqi ambassador, considered the Dawa Party, a victory against Saddam's regime.

    Maliki insisted he was not involved in the process, either closely or from afar, but the one closest to him, confirms that al-Maliki, who was in Syria, is in charge of supervising the operations of the Dawa Party in Syria and Lebanon during the suicide process.

    This person says that al-Maliki was on full knowledge of the details of the operation against the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut, so he knew the suicide bomber named Abu Mariam.

    Maliki moved to Iran in 1982, where he oversaw the Ahwaz to train fighters to carry out operations against Saddam's regime.

    Iraqi Prime Minister spent seven years in Iran, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard oversees all operations carried out by Iraqi opposition groups led by al-Maliki.

    Maliki has tried to distance himself from the Iranians after taking over the ministry, so he pointed out on several occasions that he was obliged to receive Iranian support.

    He added that he did not relish talking with the Iranians, and that he was speaking with them through an interpreter because he does not speak Farsi. But sources close to al-Maliki confirms that speaks Farsi fluently and with ease.

    Kuwait bombings

    In 1983, Shen elements of the Dawa Party targeted the US and French embassies in Kuwait, in protest against the support of Paris and Washington to attack Saddam Hussein's regime.

    Kuwait condemned in absentia, leader of the Dawa Party called Abu Mahdi Mohandes embassy bombings and the attempted assassination of Amir.

    According to US intelligence reports that the engineer drove the 2004 group was behind the targeting of US forces in Iraq attacks.

    Maliki did not deny the involvement of the Dawa Party in Kuwait process, but pointed out that it carried out the orders of Tehran.

    Nevertheless, the Iraqi prime minister confirms that he was not involved in the attack, but he defends the required engineer in Kuwait.

    Maliki arrived and defense end for the engineer to provide shelter for him. Abu Mahdi Mohandes live in the Green Zone, a lack of space and not far from al-Maliki Palace.

    And it refers to people close to the engineer is the representative of Iran's Qods Force commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

    And across the street where he lives engineer, Qais al-Khazali, who leads the Shiite militia run by Iran, calling itself the "League of the Righteous," live in the palace is also in the Green Zone.

    The United States accuses the "League of the Righteous," the implementation of hundreds of attacks against US forces in Iraq, and Washington considers al-Khazali, the mastermind of the kidnapping and execution of four American soldiers in Karbala in 2007.

    Then deal

    It came the 2010 elections to be a slap in the face of al-Maliki, Vhsal secular Iyad Allawi of the Iraqi and the coalition the majority of votes, but alliances Maliki's Shiite coalition prevented the cost Allawi's office. Despite obtaining a majority of votes, it was not for the coalition of Allawi and his allies a majority in parliament.

    US officials said in Washington, Allawi win a new opportunity to fix the situation in Iraq and to promote Washington's influence in the region, it is secular and is one of the friends of the West.

    Differences pervaded the political arena in Iraq because of the failure to reach agreement on the composition of the government, even has invited Iraqi political forces to Iran's your first day of Eid al-Adha.

    The influence of Gen. Qassem Soleimani

    In Qom, Iraqi leaders attended a banquet hosted by the Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani .. There, in Qom, an agreement was reached to form a second Maliki government.

    Soleimani cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has been persuaded to support the owners in return for granting his parliamentary bloc a number of ministries.

    The condition Soleimani Maliki must continue Jalal Talabani, the Kurdish leader of the pro-Iran in office as president, and neutralize the Iraqi intelligence service who was receiving support from the CIA, seeking to remove US troops from Iraq by the end of 2011.

    This agreement the new Iraqi government was formed, headed by al-Maliki.

    It is worth mentioning that the White House was aware of the Iranian-Iraqi agreement and got the US intelligence services on the text of the agreement, but Washington has preferred not to intervene or to protest against Tehran's interference, then gave consent to the Iraqi cabinet meeting after a month of Qom.

    Iyad Allawi appeared disappointment clear, it was a real need US support in this regard, "but they want to leave the country and handed over to the Iranians, we have become a failed state now, an Iranian colony" Rather, Allawi for the New Yorker says.

    From the point of view of the White House, Allawi's support in the presidency of the Iraqi government would have been difficult if opposed by the Shiites and their supporters in Iran.

    Corruption of billions of dollars

    In the summer of 2012, a mysterious and Minister of Finance, the Office of the then Rafie al-Issawi man entered, carrying files to government contracts worth seven billion dollars, given by the Issawi attached instructions to transfer the money to an Iraqi bank accounts.

    The man left, and minutes later Issawi discovered that everything in a false contracts .. even signatures issued by the Cabinet and signed by four ministers.

    Maliki did not express interest in the subject, and ignore what has alarmed even Issawi Iraqi force raided the Finance Ministry building and confiscated files, and destroyed surveillance cameras had picked up images of the mysterious man who came to the ministry contracts.

    Army, however, one man

    Maliki was not as weak as they think Washington, politicians of the year, his opponents were marginalized and alienated specifically for arena pressure or force.

    Politically, the Iraqi judiciary, which is under pressure from the Maliki government terrorism charges for vice president, Sunni leader Tareq al-Hashemi, and authorities issued a warrant for his arrest.

    Hashemi was forced to take refuge in Kurdistan and then to Turkey, where he lives now that sentenced him to death in absentia by an Iraqi court.

    Maliki, also did the laws were in place in Saddam's regime, including the criminalization of criticism of the prime minister, to be able to then trial and fined hundreds of Iraqi journalists, judges and lawyers.

    On the military and security front, al-Maliki to make the army a massive military system works from him, they formed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Office. Senior military commanders as far of the year, for example, the former intelligence chief Mohammed al-Shahwani.

    Shahwani says the American magazine, said that al-Maliki marginalized dramatically. He pointed out that, for example, al-Maliki told in August / August 2009 the existence of a great scheme to target government institutions in the capital Baghdad, but the prime minister ignored warnings Shahwani.

    Two days later, massive explosions targeted the Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs and other government institutions, signed hundreds dead and more than 500 wounded.

    Shahwani felt intimidated by the targeting of al-Maliki to him, he decided to leave Iraq to the United States.

    US officials say that al-Maliki "cleansed" in the weeks after leaving office Shahwani, the Iraqi intelligence service than most of his officers and Mahllih of the year.

    Shahwani says the Iraqi intelligence has become today, "a Shiite institution."
    Key words Iraq, al-Maliki, a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, Khalilzad, the Dawa Party, Qassem Soleimani

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