Parliament plans to separate its members absent from the limit

02/22/2016 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Member of the Presidium of the Humam hammoudi, the House on Sunday, the Board Member who will separate their absences exceeded the legal limit, and he pointed to the need to abide by "literal rules" for Parliament.

He said Humam hammoudi's press office in a statement received (range), "a member of the Presidium of the Humam hammoudi, the House yesterday, attended the Symposium discussion by the Council's information service, in cooperation with the cognitive Foundation, to discuss the report of the performance of the Parliament during the first legislative term of the second legislative year for the current session.

Hamoudi stressed, according to the statement, that "Parliament will go soon to separate the members who exceeded the legal limit their absences", stressing the need for "a commitment to craft rules for Parliament".

He said Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of deputies that "the doors of the House and documents and their archives open to all media and civil society organizations with a view to collecting accurate information." He stressed "we are not true to the criticism in Parliament, in a lot of cons list and away from its origin such as electricity or excess or service issues or other matters that may be the responsibility of the executive authorities."