Move the bombing destroyed 5 banks in the testator. And off of the targeting of infrastructure

2016/06/22 (00:23 pm)

Baghdad k. Grace

Targeted International Alliance, until Sunday, 5 banks in Mosul believed that some still includes money and important documents relating to names of the Organization and functional structure in the city. The contrast underscores the Vice of Nineveh that daash bunkers used in those banks for nearly a year and a half to hide, believing that it will turn out to be military targets.

And local authorities in Nineveh war feared widening process of hitting infrastructure in Mosul, but a member of the provincial Council says the raids are without our advice.

Artillery battalion and Apache

In the meantime, the number of coalition advisers, in addition to trained American with equipment and military weapons, including artillery and battalion 4, to edit.

Rahman revealed alokaa, Member of the provincial Council of Nineveh in modern (range) "unknown number of experts and advisers to the drunken, Southeast of Mosul."

Alokaa emphasized "the arrival of a us artillery battalion together with 4 Apache included 23 aircraft dedicated to Mosul to arrive to the camp.
Instead transfer alokaa, a senior military official in Nineveh, edits headquarters as saying that "the band 15 Iraqi military camp in Makhmour completed on 28 February.

Vanguard started the band 15 access to drunken camp, 11 days ago. Band 15 is the new name for the second division, which collapsed following the fall of Mosul last summer. Expected to participate in the battle of Mosul generals 73 and 72 of the Iraqi army. The two brigades recently terminated their trainings by American forces and leave open for late January will end with the launching of the process of thariralmosel. As happened to attend 93 Iraqi Army Brigade, which took part in operation gray editing before being withdrawn to Kirkuk for rehabilitation. Most Associates descended from Arak.

In contrast, the outstanding participation of 11 columns of local police receive their training at Camp Speicher, but, according to local officials, will help in keeping the Earth. And edit Ninoy "camp, just 10 km from the regions control Mosul, daash land spacious 1500 square kilometers, was rented from farmer in drunk.

Intensify air strikes

And intensify the international coalition aircraft, the us-led strikes on selected targets, within the city of Mosul, taken by elements of their headquarters daash.

Confirmed Saeed mmozini, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Nineveh, connected with (range) that "us aircraft pounded since Friday night until yesterday 20 different locations in Mosul." Mmozini noted that "strikes targeted an armoury of ldaash in the area, industry and killing inside 4 militants." It was also shelled militants ' headquarters in good areas, train station, Baghdad's garage.

The Kurdish official said the bombing targeting one of the banks that had been used as a substitute for salaries ". The Bank is the last, is the fifth target coalition strikes, since the first RAID that destroyed the Rasheed Bank in floral mid-January.

Mmozini asserts that "the first strike, which came after nearly a year and a half of dominance on the connector, daash daash lost millions of dollars stashed in the Bank".

Military sources revealed that the strike was using two weigh each about 908 kilograms, which led to the destruction of the building.

How managed banks connector

Meanwhile, Rahman will resort to blame, Attorney for Nineveh, delayed Western Alliance hit banks to us strategy first started hitting smuggling corridors daash oil then moved to target their money. "

It is believed will resort to, in an interview with the (term), "some of those banks which are still some funds". "The coalition has the confiscation within Mosul, providing information about places to hide money daash". But mmozini, an official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, said the "broad campaign daash banks city after targeting the Rasheed Bank in flowers last month for fear of similar strikes.

The bombardment Aviation Alliance, mid this month, the Central Bank Bank opposite, Rasheed Bank Street pedal, Bank of Abu Tammam district officers, and Banco faisaliya district. The sources expected the city to Rasheed Bank was containing $ 25 billion Iraqi dinars, while the other three banks are empty.

By contrast likely will resort to be daash bunkers had been used in those banks to hide especially targeting banks operations were delayed for long after the occupation of Mosul ".

In turn, says alokaa, a member of the provincial Council of Nineveh, daash retain important documents and database elements and list of staff salaries in those banks.

He said the Central Bank of Iraq, the end of June, as "stop all banking payment systems and clearing banks deployed in Mosul since 10 June 2014."
The Iraqi Government and the House of representatives had shown, in June 2015, fearing from relationship between Jordanian capital Bank branch in Mosul, Iraqi banks Baghdad, asking the Central Bank to bring its details.

CNBC tv station was a us American economic news reported last year that the bank capital you Jordan owns 72% of NBI, a member of the group, and has several branches in Iraq, one in Mosul.

The other reveals the alokaa of fear of the Government and the Nineveh Council of "escalating International Alliance targeting other infrastructure in the city as in the grey exposed to ravages."

Member of the Board of Nineveh province last talked with the International Coalition on fears of destroying the city, "he said, adding that" the Alliance orients blows to locations within the city without being consulted.

However alokaa confirm that parties to International Alliance provincial Council confirmed its keenness not to destroy the city, "but sometimes you have to hit some sites holed inside elements daash".