Alhsonh: Oil Police arrested 23 people searching for truffles in the desert of Al-Zubair

4:01:10 p.m. 21/02/2016
| (Voice of Iraq) - Basra revealed Mayor Zubair west of Basra Alhsonh called for the Oil Police arrested 23 people because they went into the desert areas adjacent to oil sites to search for truffles. He Alhsonh that "oil police categorically Albrjsuh arrested 23 citizens, including minors under the pretext of roses complaints from foreign companies for fear of imaging oil positions or put them at risk. " He called Alhsonh oil police Directorate not to be subjected to the citizens and allow them to exercise their search for material truffles in the desert and have issued an official license from the local government. noting that" the detainees were handed over to the Zubair police and put them in a precautionary position for the purpose of bringing them to court to consider their case, "adding that they" are subjected to because of the situation Mzari piled into position as a result of the large groomed.

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