Iraqi coalition forces: the support of a change of government linked to consultation and to achieve a national balance
Sunday February 21, 2016
- 13:45
Iraq said coalition forces to support the change of government linked to strong basic standards that are to consult with the political blocs base, and to take into account to achieve a national balance and the participation of all the components.

The alliance said in a statement after a meeting described as significant chaired by Osama Najafi and attended by ministers and MPs Bloc coalition forces that the "coalition supports the reform process, and it races to the goal of achieving real achievements touched citizen."

He pointed to "the importance of opening a dialogue with the Prime Minister to stand up on his plan to bring about change and evaluation of government performance in the previous phase and a review of its episodes."

He revealed the House of Representatives by Amer winner of Mrbd earlier that the parliament has not approved the request of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on granting public authority for the purpose of changing the entire ministerial cabin and the formation of other cabins according to professional competence, between the Parliament stressed the need for constitutional ways to adopt in any change taken Abadi.