Masum stresses the non-diversion of the embassies of Iraq to the headquarters of the parties

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, during a meeting Sunday of the new Iraqi ambassadors in Australia and the Philippines, the need not to convert the embassies of Iraq to the headquarters of the parties.
According to a presidential statement, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, that infallible received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Sunday morning, the ambassadors of Iraq's new Hussein Amery in Australia, Hazem Yousefi in the Philippines, said during the meeting, "the need to strengthen the friendly relations with the countries of the world and expanded in all fields, and activate the bilateral cooperation agreements signed between Iraq and the world. "
He pointed infallible according to the statement to "the importance of strengthening Iraq's position in the international community, and mobilize support for the reconstruction of Iraq," stressing "the importance of providing services to the Iraqi communities in Australia and the Philippines, and that the doors of Iraqi embassies are open to their children regardless of their affiliations, and work to resolve their problems and walk transactions, as well as activities which encourage Iraqis and contribute to its success. "
He stressed "the need not to convert the embassies of Iraq, wherever they are to the headquarters of political parties and religious and sectarian groupings," hoping for the ambassadors' success in the performance of their work duties as representatives of Iraq. "
For their part over the two new ambassadors for "gratitude to the infallible for his support," confirming "their keenness to implement these national tasks to the fullest."