Foreign Minister concludes visit to Tunisia and refused to renew the Turkish violation

New Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraq's refusal to enter the Turkish and the need to stick to Turkish forces output; "because they penetrated the Iraqi security, and touched Iraqi sovereignty, and entered without Iraqi permission."
A statement by his media received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the al-Jaafari pointed out at the conclusion of his visit to Tunisia that "Iraq agreed with Tunisia on the need to accelerate in 2016 to hold sixteen of the Joint Commission in Baghdad and will see multiple files will follow the results of consultations that took place and address the authorities according to the competent Aidip whether the relationship to transportation or tourism or culture or internal intelligence and security services and to try to apply the vocabulary that we have reached on this earth. "
Jaafari said that "the visit comes within the framework of strengthening relations between Iraq and the Arab states."
He stressed, "It is time to restore this relationship, especially the Iraqi-Tunisian relations, which has a bright history, there were no mishaps relationship, and there was no break, and there were no previous problems, in addition to the great commonalities between African wing representatives of the Maghreb and the Asian representative in Iraq, "explaining that" at the level of action and initiative, there are tourism opportunities, and opportunities in trade, and benefit from the education curriculum that characterized Tunisia, and on the level of reactions -oadha- that terrorism has jumped to the task strategies, and I think that Tunisia today constitute a good plant to combat terrorism especially that terrorism is a real challenge, and broke the Tunisian community, and tricked some young people, if they are few, but Tunisia lined up along the confrontation of terrorism.
The Jaafari: that the meetings with the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, and the Speaker dealt with multiple files, all of which were towards the deepening Iraqi-Tunisian relations, and praising the Iraqi experience, and showed up to the situation in Iraq and support the Iraqi political process, and supportive for convergence, all the vocabulary was about Nazim one named deepen relationships, and the transition from reality is good in relationship to reality the better in the near future, and we commended the Tunisian experience, as it was the first of the so-called Arab spring, which began from Tunisia, while maintaining their privacy, noting in the light of understanding what happened between us, the multiple perspectives will receive care, and the Iraqi parties and stressed the need to expedite the Tunisian in 2016 to hold sixteen Committee, and will be in Baghdad, and will generate multiple files are all good for both parties. "
The Foreign Minister pointed out that "the Iraqi-Tunisian relations Stnattv on the tourist track well, as long as our people meant a lot of nations must open up the opportunity because the leads Tunisia, yes, to be introductions to address the issue of transportation, speed, and reasonable cost, whether at the level of housing, or the level of services between the Iraqis and Tunisia. "
With regard to the resumption of flights between the two countries revealed Jaafari: What was this stop flights expression of the decision Artgelth the Iraqi government, but it was an expression of a technical delay in the Iraqi aircraft, and not to desalination certain specifications; making him lagging in this case, adding: We are now the process of removing it, and when the barriers are still going to be General of the Arab Maghreb, Tunisia, especially in the forefront of countries that we are targeting transport.
And disclosed by saying: We have great prospects are not bounded by anything as long as our pioneer is the interest of the two countries, Iraq and Tunisia, have also been talking about education; due to its Tunisia remarkable learning experience deserve to be a leader in this area, and education status of dynamic from time to time evolve with experience, we can take advantage of the experience of Tunisia, explaining that he would follow up the results of consultations that took place, and re-read the files from the angle of the process, and to address the competent authorities according to Aidip whether the relationship to transportation, or tourism, or culture, or the interior, and the intelligence services, security, and trying to apply the vocabulary that we to them on this earth.
Regarding the Tunisian terrorists who are fighting in the ranks of terrorists Daash Jaafari said: I do not suffer from the crisis in the relationship between us and Tunisia, but very good relations despite the presence of some Alhmaz who came out, and rebelled against the Tunisian people before to rebel against the Iraqi people, and get involved with terrorism, but that does not mean to look at the Tunisian people through Alhmaz it, pointing out that Daash elements in Iraq came from more than 100 countries, some of the great democracies of the world, but we do not judge more than 100 countries with terrorism.
Msttrda saying proudly: until now did not score on the Iraqi citizen, he was involved in a terrorist operation abroad, but perhaps get involved in the future, I do not accept that reduced Iraq terrorist Bhaz from here and there, with so we appreciate this thing; because the terrorists proficient in the art of forgery, terrorist is one although numerous national affiliations, and governmental organizations, and religious, is a terrorist rebel human, the real battle in the world today between the rights, humanitarian and counter-terrorism, it is.
Praised the Tunisian experience, saying: variations in Tunisia during the revolution did not turn into conflicts, the most distinguishing feature of the Tunisian experience is a good convergence, and spontaneous among the liberal movement, the Islamic orientation, these trends give credibility and a model alive for countries that suffer from reconciling components crisis.
He noted that "the experience of Tunisia worthwhile, circular, and benefit, and that Tunisia -ha Alokhry- need to benefit from our experiences; we Sbaknahm experience in Iraq, and how we deal with the other sectarian, religious and other, and other national, political and other, and grouped themselves all in three branches of government: legislative, executive and judiciary, and even the fourth of media power.
And about the progress of the war against terrorist Daash gangs Jaafari said that Iraq today has a long experience of time, and multiple fronts in the face of terrorism, and largely succeeded in defeating Daash, undo, and retreat to the back, which involved a Daash gangs terrorist is an Iraqi reaction, and the experience of Iraq, and plans Iraq, stressing that the war against terrorism is not a conventional war, and not easy to compensate for field experience and academic studies. Iraq gained a highly experienced, pay a price, and we warned some European countries, including Arab and intended by some terrorists from the practice of acts of terrorism in their countries. This arose through daily field experience on the ground.
Jaafari said that "Iraq today can provide the service, which will spare no effort; because Iraq adheres to the principle that terrorism is one, albeit colorful squares, a human targets, regardless of age, whether young or old, man or woman, a Jewish mother was a Christian, or Muslim, Sunni or Shiite, terrorism, identity and one, a human anti-; therefore must combine all efforts without exception, and lined all views; to confront this terrorist stormy, and can not forget that the only answer, and the equivalent of him is a parking countries all against terrorism.
On the issue of the violation of Iraqi territory by Turkish troops Jaafari pointed out that Turkey is a country geographically neighbors, and between us and between geographical facts, history, and common interests, and resources vital resources of water comes from this region, and we adhere to our relationship with them on the basis of the relationship of the State of the State, not the government of the government, Iraq nor the governor with the governor, again rejected the violation of Turkish and stick to the necessity of Turkish troops output; as it penetrated the Iraqi security, and touched Iraqi sovereignty, and entered without Iraqi permission; so I stood with us the Arab League unanimously rejected, as well as the Security Council, yeah .. probably disagree the Security Council, particularly the permanent members among nations on the method of withdrawing troops, but they agreed on the need to withdraw the troops, and denounced the intervention, strong our position, and we are in this position do not act Iraqis size, but Arabic-sized, but internationalist size, but at the same time we condemn we reject this interference, and look forward to the withdrawal of Turkish troops, but we stick to the relationship with the Turkish people and the Turkish government that represents the people.
With regard to the terrorist bombings that took place in Ankara recently Jaafari said: We are against terrorism and any terrorist group, and in any country targeted by terrorism, denounce most of disapproval, attribute the Republic of Turkey, and offer our condolences to the people, and offer our condolences to families of the victims, and we hope to invest the next opportunity to mobilize the atmosphere, and live to the challenge, noting that terrorism renew his identity as a threat to every country without exception, there are no state is immune from it; so Fjana this terrorist attack, and we hope to live up to the confrontation, and spread the light of peace and love instead of the culture of terrorism, and we hope to our brothers in Turkey to spend heavily in the face of terrorism.
Regarding the strikes go on Libyan soil assured Jaafari: they raise venture with geographical neighbors anxious, has been banging the drums of interference in their affairs, and this is a legitimate concern; therefore probably is some of Libya's neighboring countries worry that any development on the ground, and international intervention could open a new page would have been the consequences, which is a legitimate concern, stressing the need to combine our efforts and cooperate to confront it, provided that you do not worry about Libya, and its neighboring countries, noting that the strategies terrorism access to any area, and threatened from within, and the threat of its own, and after it coordinates with certain parties. This I consider it a threat not a bit, noting: we demand, and we call on all countries of the world to stand by Libya on condition that there is no cause for concern for neighboring countries; the neighbors in each country does not stop, not be separated from the same State, calling on the importance of assigning Libya, but We must maintain the stability of Libya's neighboring countries, and not to raise concern. "