Allawi: You must correct the political process paths

Secretary General of the Iraqi National Accord Movement, Iyad Allawi stressed the need to correct the political process and to hold accountable the corrupt paths.
A statement from his office, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of which Allawi during his speech at the first Women's Forum of the National Accord Movement, which held its work in Baghdad yesterday, confirmed that "civil state does not mean anything unless you on the concepts of citizenship and without them can not talk about civil state, which is the citizenship state based on justice, equality and ensure the rights and the rule of law, "adding that" when he was prime minister worked to give great role for women, there were six women ministers in the government, absence of women means no nation-building can not be building nations and half disabled " .
Allawi pointed to "the need to correct the tracks in the political process out of the political and sectarian reconciliation and national unity and to hold corrupt tunnel."
The statement said that the forum was held "in the movement's headquarters in Baghdad, and included its activities a panel discussion titled [women's contribution in shaping the future of Iraq in light of the call for a civil state, and to discuss the difficulties faced by women and pinning her case the general situation, including calls for action on really change year to include infrastructure, security and economic situation of the country and fight against discrimination against women and domestic violence, where Iraq was the first to Engage women cabinet post in the Arab world while offering his wives today Kvsaliat according to tribal customs to Do to the age onion. "
Saw Forum "to repair the situation of women in the light of this fact, it is necessary to reform the systems of value and to enable the community update," stressing "the fundamental objectives in the development of innovative action plans and the adoption of concrete steps to encourage the participation of women in society as well as to support and strengthen the social and political realities of Iraq in the achievement of the national project and the goals of the Iraqi National Accord movement in building a state of citizenship based on the foundations of justice, freedom and equality, institutional and respect for the law of the civil state. "