Deputy: cabinet reshuffle his goal the abolition of the quota system and get out of financial crisis

National Alliance MP Jabbar al-Abadi, said that the ministerial change and reform process, which seeks to him Reese Minister Haider al-Abadi goal of the foundation is to cancel the approved political quota system in the state administration. "
He said the Attorney-Abadi told all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "There is a professional and academic personalities able to manage the country in the next phase."
Abadi said, "The situation in the country in need of people who are professionals, technocrats out of the financial crisis."
He continued, "The concerns of today's penetration of opportunism figures and corrupt to greater than the fear of the arrival of the Baathists to important positions of power, citing that" there are enough to prevent the entry of Baathists from political action laws and received positions in the state. "
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said during hosted by the House of Representatives, on Saturday, February 20, said the reshuffle is required for the existence of a serious economic crisis that requires people professionals to manage the Iraqi economy, "noting that" the existence of two options the first depends on the current quota system and the other to adopt the principle of consensus with the House of Representatives, "calling on the House of Representatives to" give him a mandate to year according to the harmonic principle to form a government. "
He also called for a cabinet reshuffle through specialized and professional team with a homogeneous representation ingredients and do not exceed its presence to express the diversity of Iraq, calling on both possess the will and the ability to progress to fill some administrative and executive positions.