Government measures to stabilize food prices

Ministry of Agriculture confirmed to implement a number of measures and steps to meet the need of domestic market of vegetables and fruits, meat and table eggs, despite the great challenges, and work to stabilize prices in the domestic market.
According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which he was during the second meeting of the Committee marketing of plant agricultural products and animal emphasize the implementation of all the steps and projects that have been developed during the last period to meet the local market needs of plant and animal products and to provide food security to the citizen.
He added that during the meeting discussed the mechanisms of export of agricultural products in the period of peak output and surplus for local start-up, to encourage producers to increase acreage of agricultural crops for export of fruits, vegetables and forage crops.
He said the "meeting included the need for the border crossings to prevent the entry of prohibited agricultural products from import during the period to prevent import, according to Quarantine Law on the Protection of the domestic product, as well as prevent the entry of plant and animal agricultural products without import license fundamentalism, stressing take all legal measures deterrent for such Thus, cases, and confiscated Maaard goods entering Iraq illegally format by border security and customs of.
The statement noted that "it was agreed during the meeting on the formation of a team of specialists to study and monitor the conditions of the local market and Mathtwe plant agricultural products and livestock in Baghdad's al-Karkh and Rusafa, and mechanisms of sales and product prices and the availability of health conditions in it."