Walcott put the establishment of the civil airport on investment

2102 2016

It raised Wasit province, five opportunities to invest, including Kut Civil Airport, in its quest to attract investment companies under the government's plans aimed to find alternative sources for the budget, at a time when received an offer from an Iranian company for the development of food processing industries.

Prime Wasit Investment Authority Sadeq Howeidi said in a statement »Sabah» that the authority offered five investment opportunities in various sectors, included put a piece of land with an area exceeding 1700 acres located in a part of the piece numbered 1/401 of 21 on the island within the business agriculture Division area Tajuddin north of Kut, as it will be used for farming in a way (greenhouses), being a breeding ground, indicating that the opportunity came in accordance with the investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and amendments issued thereunder.

He added that the second chance is the creation of Kut civil airport on the segment numbered (1/3 and 1/4 and 1/7 and 1/9 and 1/10 and 1/16 m 21 YUSUFIYA a total area of ​​4487 dunums, and the third implementation of commercial complexes in the city of Kut Center (Chechnya ) on land numbered (16/1029 and 16/1030 Chechnya), while the fourth opportunity included the founding of the city in the district of NUMANIYA games on the segment numbered (42/18) 19 m with an area of ​​Numan (16 dunams), either the last chance Vtdment investment Hor Aldelmj water, which includes large areas of water bodies are divided by 80,000 acres within the administrative border of the province of Diwaniyah and 60,000 acres within the administrative border of the province of Wasit.

Huwaydi He received the body a presentation by a company (Beeston) Iranian specialized agricultural projects, expressed through willingness to invest in the food manufacturing industries within the advanced technical system, particularly the use of modern irrigation and machinery in the food industry, where the company has a similar business in a number of countries systems.

He said the body was granted an investment license for a specialized construction sector and construction of local companies to implement the project (Jannat Wasit) tourist entertainment at a cost of nine million and 280 thousand dollars and the land beyond the area of ​​310,000 square meters, stressing that the company has pledged to complete the project within the specified period which is two years from the date of signing the contract . He said the project includes the creation of an entertainment mall and water park, as well as sporadic games by 14 a game and a cafeteria and 12 kiosks and shopping mall and a restaurant floating marina for boats and hall for electronic games and the administration building, along with a garage for cars and lady health stores, in addition to the green gardens and seating areas and fountains.

He went Huwaydi statement Authority granted the company (Pearl) United Arab Emirates to build a commercial complex Kut downtown investment license dubbed (Dubai Mall) at a cost of five million and 458 thousand dollars and the duration of the completion of identified two years from the date of grant of the license, while the investment period of 25 years, subject to renewal.
He granted another two investment Vacation (Diwan Almjebal) services and employment and (Mannar) Trade and Contracting Co. Ltd. to build a complex that includes hundreds of housing units in the area Zubaydiah a cost of $ 26 million for the completion of two years in accordance with modern specifications, explaining that the body had already been granted during the 28 last term vacation for foreign investors, Arabs and Iraqis in various sectors.
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