Hani Ashour: the support of the political blocs ministerial change is not enough without concessions and self-denial


(Independent) .. Iraqi politician independent Hani Ashour said that the statements of support and the statements of political figures express the support of the Ministerial change who intends to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to do, it is not enough that those blocks concessions expressing its national commitment and willingness to change, to build Iraq, not made, that give the right to the prime minister to choose Ministerial his crew without the influence or pressure or bargaining of those blocks.

Ashour said that the meetings started by some political blocs to pressure not to pass any cabinet reshuffle without having a stake in the ministries and senior positions, thereby flouting the statements and slogans that suggest support for change and reform.

He warned of the return of quotas Ketloah and sectarianism and sale of the ministries and the nomination of associates, demanding the prime minister presented the names of its candidates to the media and in front of the Iraqi people before he takes them to the parliament to take the approval, to win the support of the people before he is under pressure from the parliamentary blocs when they are displayed, and the calling to be a vote on cabinet electronically and individually after the submission of each minister a brief biography about his life and his role and his plan in his ministry and future projects.

Ashour called on leaders of political blocs to self-denial and distance themselves from the pressure and bargaining the next government to be a government of the Iraqi people, not the government of the political blocs, giving the prime minister the opportunity because his project goes on reform without political obstruction. (End)