Law: the new government within 30 days

02/20/2016 22:58

BAGHDAD / obelisk: According to block Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the latter has been authorized to conduct an oral radical change in the government, are likely to provide new selection within 30 days, according to a report of the "long" I followed "obelisk."

And it revealed a block of state law for Abadi agreement between the House of Representatives and the formation of a parliamentary committee partners with a government committee to agree on the members of the new cabin.

But the citizen bloc maintains its position the Conservatives, and insists that includes a "radical change" the prime minister and thousands of agents and general managers.

The Prime Minister called for in this February 9, for a cabinet reshuffle, "a fundamental and comprehensive" out of national responsibility. He revealed the completion of the preparation of a plan for reducing its ministries, and that the government "succeeded in crossing the most difficult stages" during the last term.

MP says Messenger Abu Hasna, a member of State of Law bloc said that "the prime minister Haider al-Abadi give him carte blanche the House of Representatives on the application of the new reform program, which will include all current ministerial change his booth technocrats new people." He claimed that "Abadi received the support of the political blocs giving him carte blanche but verbally."

It is expected that Abu Hasna "reform project will be ready during the period of 30 days for submission to the House of Representatives for a vote and give him confidence," stressing that "the subject need to consult the political blocs in any prospective change."

It is likely a member of state law that "ranges from the size of the new ministerial cabin between 18-15 Ministry." But he pointed out that "the final size of the new government is up to the government vision and the need for real-time to some of the expected combined with each other ministries."

Haider confirms Mawla, a member of a coalition of state law, he said that "al-Abadi agreed with the House of Representatives to form a parliamentary committee comprising all the political blocs are working in consultation with the Joint Governmental Committee to submit the new cabinet line-up before it is presented to parliament."