State law calls for converting the current government to the caretaker government

By Roudao

8 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

It demanded the MP for the rule of law high Nassif Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to transfer his government to the caretaker government to prevent some of the current ministers from exploiting their positions in the contract and the looting of public money before removed from office.

The high in the statement quoted by its press office and received Roudao network media a copy of it: "The on-Abadi accelerate the conversion of the existing government to the caretaker government, Resolution, which was adopted in the House of Representatives and approved by the Abadi stipulates that the cabinet reshuffle comprehensive and beyond the scope of the quota system, and this the resolution creating a race in contracts and looting of public money quickly among some ministers who know that they will leave their ministries in the coming days, while converting the government to the caretaker government will prevent them from exploiting their powers. "

He confirmed Nassif on the need "not to accept any dual citizenship minister both in the security ministry or non-security in order to Ataatkrr mistakes of the past," emphasizing "the importance of the reservation to the ministers who will be removed from office and not allow them to travel only after completing patents Zmmanm, especially since there are ministers they deport their children abroad in preparation to flee the country once and for all. "