Processors in the financial crisis

Author: Yasser incumbent

2/21/2016 0:00

Cautioned an industrial adviser to the period that Tsgrgaha industry to restore its output is five years in order to be able to meet more than 50 percent of the needs of citizens, ie it is parallel to the five-year plan, what does this mean expectation?

In time accounts, this information warning of the need to take the time to deal with the placed addressing the market and its requirements, comes in light of how many comments and analyzes that come from people who are not in the jurisdiction of the baffle work to cope with the crisis conditions.

If the industry and is relied upon to compensate for low revenues due to declining oil prices need to be this time, how can we accept calls to prevent import?

Eight production base in the country began just been expanded, and if private industry is serious about meeting the needs of the market for most of their requirements and Hokzlk him starting from now direct provided for activating and supporting the laws of the domestic product.

It is noteworthy that placed lend to projects according to development loans launched by the central allocations going slowly He warned that to ensure Ansiabatha Nhuhedv achieve rapid production yield to ensure the sustainability of loans to other industries, so the committees to speed up the completion of the instructions to launch provided precise provide oversight on implementation.

There is no doubt that the need requires activating the productive sectors and this requires raising the level of awareness of the fact that the financial crisis is proceeding burdened economy and that there is no room to hope for the return of oil prices to the previous level but neither those it reaches the level of the default price at which it adopted the general budget, meaning that the inevitable reliance on alternative resources, especially through the productive sectors of industrial, agricultural and service as a sector of tourism in particular.

And if we are to move out of the crisis must be to reduce the statements and processors inaccurate and leave the field to the owners of jurisdiction of economists to deal with the problem otherwise Huarbak solutions and time-consuming.