Hanan al-Abbadi accused of "procrastination and anesthesia" and invites him to abandon his party

4:59:37 p.m. 02.20.2016
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad, accused the head of the mass will of MP Hanan al, Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that he is trying to buy time to complete its duration in office, arguing that the method of "procrastination and anesthesia" practiced by al-Abadi became exposed not implemented anything from the long list of reforms, while invited him to "give up" for his party if he wanted to be a role model for other blocks. she Fatlawi in a statement Sumerian received News copy of it, "parliament hosted, today, the Prime Minister and asked him about his achievements after the delegation the previous seven months before even requesting a new mandate." she added Fatlawi, that "the method of procrastination and distraction and anesthesia practiced by al-Abadi become exposed, because it happened on a previous mandate from the people and the reference and the parliament," indicating that "Abadi did not dare and failed to change any governor or the minister did not implement anything from a long list of reforms." She Fatlawi , "already announced if the formation of a government before a year and a half, if Abadi wanted to be a role model for other blocks him to abandon his party to become an independent technocrats, but he did not hear, and came today to talk about the technocrats." She Fatlawi, that "Mai PEOPLE him Abadi is an attempt to gain time for expired as prime minister. " I witnessed the parliamentary session on Saturday, hosting the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss the economic situation and the ministerial amendment is anticipated, as the parliament demanded commissioned a year to change the ministerial cabin completely and the formation of other cabins in accordance with the" professional competence ", as called for political blocs to waive electoral maturity for "the best interest of the country."

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