Special Forces: Daash leaders began to flee from Mosul

Since 02/20/2016
11:30 (Baghdad time)
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He said the commander of the Second Special Forces Maj. Gen. Maan al-Saadi, on Saturday, that our intelligence indicates that the enemy collapsed just as prominent leaders Daash began to flee the city of Mosul.
Save Mosul Council revealed, last Monday, the escape of dozens of leaders of the terrorist Daash of the city.
He said al-Saadi's / balances News /, that "there are air strikes by the Iraqi army aviation and air power against targets Daash centers represented by the terrorist leadership and locations of weapons and gear assemblies and a terrorist."
He pointed to al-Saadi, said that "Baiji sector is witnessing stable security despite the terrorist attacks that occur between now and then, in the opening heat and energy areas and the mountains of Makhoul, as the military response to all our units, their plans."
It is said that the enemy waging attacks of varying and different Ptoukitat using mortars and sneak into areas of aperture and Mount Makhoul, but the security forces repel all those attempts.
The security forces are preparing to launch edit the province of Nineveh operations Daash terrorist gangs after Tjehfelt to conclusively operations in drunk.
From: Ola Massaol
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