Parliamentary bloc calls for invoking Article 30 of the Constitution calls for the reform of the economy

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02/21/2016 12:01:00 am

It demanded the Warka parliamentary bloc, on Saturday, invoking Article 30 of the Constitution to apply social justice. As he stressed the importance of reducing expenditure enjoyed by senior officials, called for a fight against corruption and reform of the Iraqi economy according to modern economic bases.
The head of the Democratic bloc of Warka parliamentary Joseph Saliwa captivity in a statement on the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice and received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "placed social justice constitute a key factor for prosperity and preservation of human dignity and of them off the foundations of peaceful coexistence and promote the right of indigenous peoples and the achievement of equality and the provision of live cream of migrants. "
He captivity that "the celebration of the World Day of Social Justice comes this year, Iraq is in crisis in the extremely complex is the sharp decline in financial resources and waging a fierce war with an enemy cowardly terrorized people and abandonment in addition to the deepening political crisis and fueling sectarian and narrow party worker," stressing that "democracy and participate in the elections and to allow freedom alone is not enough to achieve the aspirations of the people, therefore, social justice comes to complement a decent living for Iraqis requirements. "
The Chairman of the bloc that "Article 30 of the Constitution sets an important application of social justice as a duty the basis of the duties of the state to provide social, health, education, security and securing proper income, adequate housing for everyone," explaining that "despite the large budgets allocated by the previous governments and the promises of officials and the adoption of a number of laws but the Iraqis did not allow them to enjoy the opportunity to live better than they are now. "
He stressed the captivity of "the need that the parliament takes a role in the legislation of the social security and the freedom of trade union organization, oil and gas and other laws that guarantee the achievement of the democratic transition and the removal of class differences and the elimination of wealth on the expense of the citizen laws," noting that "the duty of the government to activate the appropriate action to narrow the gap between segments of society by reducing and reducing the large costs enjoyed by senior officials and expanding the network of social protection work and health insurance and care are unable to work and provide a role for the homeless. "
He called on the bloc to "reform the Iraqi economy according to modern economic bases, in the fight against financial and administrative corruption and provide courage will to manage the economy and investment file in the same urgency and stop wastage of resources and lack of extravagance and diversify the sources of the revolution and its fair distribution sectors," and urged citizens to continue to protest and demonstrate in order to achieve further gains and change the political process toward democratic civil state to ensure social justice. "