Kurdish minister: the province did not sign a contract with SOMO to sell oil through

Minister of Displacement and Migration Mohammed Jassim, who belongs to the Kurdistan Alliance, said that "the province did not sign a contract to build oil pipeline, in order to sell oil through the federal oil company Sumo."
Said Mohammed in a press statement, "The agreement between Baghdad and Erbil is not expected soon, about the Kurdistan oil delivery, and secure the province salaries of the staff, but we have to express their views on the two sides of the Other, and not talk about it in the media."
"The lack of transparency is a major problem for the file of the Kurdistan region's oil, and in the extraction of oil and sold and the proceeds, in a manner not know if it was enough to pay salaries or not."
On the delivery of oil to the province of Baghdad, Mohammed said, "The Kurdistan region has not signed a contract for 50 years to build the pipeline, in order to sell oil via SOMO."
With regard to the financial situation of Iraq, the minister, he said that "the Iraqi financial situation is not good, but he was able to survive so far, and the government pays salaries, and it can export more of its oil, to collect more revenue."
The Council of Ministers in the government of the Kurdistan region, announced last Tuesday, February 16, to accept the proposal of the prime minister in the federal government Haider al-Abadi, who asked Monday in a television interview about the salaries of all employees in the region in exchange for delivery of delivery of all oil revenues to Baghdad.
The number of staff of the region 1.4 million employees, which is equal to the salary the equivalent of 890 billion dinars, including [336 billion dinars allocated for the salaries of the Peshmerga forces.
A statement issued by the Council of Ministers of the Government of the region, "we are in the Kurdistan Regional Government, accept this proposal by Abadi securing the salaries of all employees in the Kurdistan region by the Iraqi government, and in return the government will in the Kurdistan region to hand over all oil imports to the Iraqi government."