Reveals the national meeting of the heads of the blocks after the summit to form a committee of constitutional amendments
14/03/2012 20:54

Baghdad, March 14 / March (Rn) - The National Alliance, the largest blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Wednesday by agreement of the political blocs to hold a meeting of leaders of the blocs in parliament to choose the members and the formation of the Committee on constitutional amendments, pointing out that the committee will work to address the constitutional paths.

The MP and leader of the Alliance Khalid al-Asadi told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "it was agreed between the political blocs in the parliament to form a committee of constitutional amendments and this in the context of the Constitution." He pointed out that "the House of Representatives is trying to address these tracks Constitutional It is necessary to review the current committee."

Asadi said that "after the end of the Arab summit it was agreed to convene a meeting of leaders of the blocs in parliament to discuss the formation of the Committee on constitutional amendments again." Noting that "this meeting will be away from discussing the political crisis that the crisis will be discussed during the National Congress and other problems that exist." Stressing that "the separation of the tracks may not be significant confusion."

The head of the House of Representatives held a meeting with the heads of political blocs on Monday and agreed to form a committee for constitutional amendments.

And return most of the political differences in Iraq to the difference in the interpretation of constitutional provisions, especially regarding the issue of elections and the powers and management of oil wealth.

The Committee on constitutional amendments in the House of Representatives had previously announced that it has been able to make amendments to some 50 constitutional article as you can not resolve some of the paragraphs highlighted the constitutional powers of the regions and provinces, and the powers of the President.

Articles 128 and 142 need to form a committee to consider constitutional amendments to be put to a popular referendum in accordance with these articles and formed a committee in the previous election cycle is that it can not resolve the major differences in respect of articles which should be amended in the Constitution.

From: Yazan Al Shammari. Open: Murtaza Yousuf