Deputy: the region does not want Meat with the center and courted lower oil

National Alliance MP Abbas Mezni, said the Kurdistan region, "does not wish to re-woof with the federal government, and that the drop in oil prices pushed to woo them," he said. On.
He said Mezni, told all of Iraq [where], "There is no serious desire by Kurdish blocs re cohesion with the center, but falling oil prices is the catalyst that made the region courted to the federal government, not love and longing and live as one country and invited them for that is interest." .hsp he said.
"There is a moderate bloc within the region have adopted the former unity with the center's speech and we find them in the House of Representatives actors."
He explained Mezni "We visited the region and we sat down with the citizens in the province of Sulaymaniyah and complained of delays in getting paid, they are caught up in this vortex of the financial crisis", stressing the need to be there, "a confession session between Kurdish blocs themselves and reach a unified decision until the federal government can deliver on its promises towards them. "
He said the "government in the latter to meet her last message to the people of the region may be, that there is a political entity within the region are made from their salaries are not paid," pointing "can support moderate parties in the region and make the children obey the region about them."
The Council of Ministers in the government of the Kurdistan region, announced last Tuesday, February 16, to accept the proposal of the prime minister in the federal government Haider al-Abadi, who asked Monday in a television interview about the salaries of all employees in the region in exchange for delivery of delivery of all oil revenues to Baghdad.
The number of staff of the region 1.4 million employees, which is equal to the salary the equivalent of 890 billion dinars, including [336 billion dinars allocated for the salaries of the Peshmerga forces.
A statement issued by the Council of Ministers of the Government of the region, "we are in the Kurdistan Regional Government, accept this proposal by Abadi securing the salaries of all employees in the Kurdistan region by the Iraqi government, and in return the government will in the Kurdistan region to hand over all oil imports to the Iraqi government.