Parliamentary Integrity: We will continue the investigation with officials accused of corruption in coordination with the Commission

2016-02-20 23:13:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Commission on Integrity in the House of Representatives, on Saturday, it will follow up the investigation process with a number of officials accused of corruption in coordination with the displaced body.

A member of Juma Committee Bureau in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Integrity Committee will follow up the investigation with some of the former officials who summoned the Integrity Commission during the past two days the process, through a coordination committee with the Commission."

He said the Court, that "the Commission will not interfere in the investigation process of the fact that it comes to body integrity," noting that "the charges against the officials related to the exploitation of power and raise funds."

The Arab coalition leader Saleh al-Mutlaq accused, on Saturday, the head of the Integrity Commission to "follow the defamation methodology against him for political dimensions," and expressed "confidence in the innocence of his duty," He also confirmed that he would deal with "positive" with the judiciary for "faith in him," Count to transmit to eliminate "would end Ttaulat views and personalities seeking to deceive the true facts and protect the heads of corruption."