Araji stresses Ameri meet the dimensions of factional interests of reform

He stressed former Deputy Prime Minister Pahad Araji, the Secretary General of the Badr Organisation, the leader of the popular crowd MP Hadi al-Ameri, the need to keep factional interests for reforms.
A statement by the Office of the former deputy prime minister, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of the al-Araji, office Ameri, During the meeting, review the overall ongoing in the country's political and security developments, especially achieved victories against Daash terrorist gangs in more than one axis of operations. "
The meeting, according to the statement, on "the necessity to activate the reform steps and moving them into the theory and written text to Rehab concrete reality, and that this activation is hoped can be achieved only through concerted efforts of all blocs and political figures actors."
He stressed "the need for the national interest of the university is to be the objective of achieving the desired objectives every effort in this area; do not be narrow factional interests springboard in role-playing games and give the effect."
He also discussed "ways to sustain fair battle against terrorism momentum and support Iraqi combat troops to various addresses in order to complete the liberation of the rest of the territories and regions of the hijacked."