China's first train up to Tehran to revive the Silk Road

February 20, 2016 7:15
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The arrival of the first train coming from China to Iran

The first commercial train Chinese arrived in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on Monday, to revive the Silk Road, the ancient network of trade routes across Asia, according to Iranian television.
And the transfer of Iranian TV, on Monday, Deputy Minister of Transport, Mohsen Purced Ogaa, as saying that the train's 12 containers arrived in Tehran after a journey that lasted 14 days starting from the east of China.
Ogaa pointed out that the railway line will save time compared to the maritime path from Shanghai to Iranian ports, referring to Iranian plans to extend the road to Europe.
The Iranian president, Hassan Rohani, that his country is continuing its close ties with the East, despite the contracts signed by his country with Western countries such as France and Italy.
China is the largest trading partner of Iran, did not respond to US pressure to halt oil imports from Iran after tightening imposed economic sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program in 2012.