Parliamentary Energy: great benefits for Iraq freeze oil production for OPEC countries

Special - balances News - Considered the oil and energy parliamentary, on Saturday, that the freezing of Russia and some countries that fall in OPEC oil production will return to the treasury of the Federal State of substantial financial benefits.

The committee member said Zaher al-Abadi's / balances News /, the "freezing of Russia and some OPEC countries for the production of oil will return to Iraq a financial interest coming into the treasury of the Federal State in addition to maintaining the reserve of oil reserves to be the largest amount on the grounds that Iraq sells today the amount of up to four million barrels is not up to the same purchasing value of the amount of the currently selected in OPEC."

He added that the "freeze or decrease oil production will increase in the price of a barrel benefiting to maintain oil reserves roof in Iraq," unlikely "to reduce Iraq's oil production attributing the cause that he is not in favor of Iraq since the quantities sold compared to the quantities issued by Other countries either Saudi Arabia or Russia, equivalent to three times the amount Iraq, but it is possible to freeze Iraq's oil production."

Russia and some OPEC members have agreed to freeze oil production following the quadrilateral meeting of the Ministers of Petroleum Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar, in Doha.