Baghdad: studying the imposition of fees on vehicles entering pregnancy by 10 to 25 thousand dinars

2016-02-20 18:18:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Baghdad provincial council announced Saturday he was considering a draft charging load entering the capital of vehicles by 10 to 25 000 dinars, while noting that these fees will be for road maintenance.

He said the provincial council member Mohammed al-Rubaie, said "The Council is studying a project to charge for entering pregnancy to Baghdad vehicles between 10 to 25 thousand dinars," noting that "the project is under study with other projects to impose these fees."

Rubaie said that "the imposition of duties on these vehicles will allow the Council and other bodies responsible for that maintenance of the roads, which are often subject to cracking as a result of these loads."

Iraq has been going through great financial crisis as a result of lower oil prices, which weighed on the general budget for Iraq, which followed with most of the ministries and governmental bodies and Almausat on the imposition of fees and taxes to finance itself.