Abadi put the crowd between two options: either limbering or salary cuts

2/19/2016 21:33

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The Iraqi government is facing difficulty in securing the salaries of more than 140 thousand element of the popular crowd after a rise in the number of associates.

The increase put two options before the government to meet the deficit in the budget for the crowd, which arrived for 3 trillion dinars for 2016, they are now considering to cut salaries by 30%, or lay off 30% of the crowd Volunteers.

He says leader and deputy in the Committee on Parliamentary crowd, which is not yet due to disagreements on the presence formed, that the increase in the number appeared in the summer of last year, but new names have not been included in the lists of government.

In contrast contradicts the view of the body between the crowd said the increase appeared after the adoption of 2016 budget that, and those who stressed that the increase had been planned for last summer.

These variables coincided with the appointment of a senior officer in the office of the deputy chief of the crowd, with leaks about the withdrawal of powers of the vice-body crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes trading, which considered by some leaders of the crowd as an attempt to isolate the most prominent personality, and warned of the repercussions of that.

Increased 32 thousand element

He says Canine Faleh al-Khazali, a leader in the popular crowd and MP Badr bloc, said that "the number of employees of the popular crowd rose from 110-142 thousand element since last August."

But Khazali confirmed, in connection with the (term) that "the increase in the budget that did not enter the 2016 accounts, because they have not been included in the lists of the General Command of the Armed Forces for technical reasons."

According to a member of the Badr bloc, the "surge caused the postponement of the months of November and December salaries of the past to the current year," noting that "the fighters received in the months of January and February salaries of current deduction rates reached 30%."

He criticized leaders in the popular crowd Mnzbehm delayed salaries, considering it is one of the means of pressure that the United States uses to keep them from participating in battles with Daash.

It accuses factions of the popular crowd the United States has repeatedly supported "Daash" across the landing aircraft weapons, and refuses to fight battles US air cover, fearing targeted by "friendly fire."

He threatened Abu Alaa state levels, Secretary General of the battalions of the martyrs, "one faction of the popular crowd, last month, to withdraw from the Baiji in the absence of elements of the pay of the past months.

However, the Authority popular crowd, considered the secretary-general of the martyrs Brigades statement represents a personal opinion and not the opinion of the Commission. Authority crowd and confirmed that the government is keen on providing volunteers salaries, attributed the late payment of salaries to "administrative glitch."

The government is considering two options

The crowd spokesman Ahmed al-Asadi, confirms (range) that "the government is now considering cutting 30% of the salaries or the option of the other measures, including layoffs of 30% of the elements due to the financial crisis."

Asadi said that "increasing the number of the crowd to 142,000 element have been known since last year and that the budget noted that to accommodate this extra number," but he pointed out that "the non-arrival of sufficient appropriations."

The government last year decided to deduct 3% of the salaries of employees and retirees to increase the allocation of the popular crowd and the displaced. And increased allocations popular crowd, in the 2016 budget of 1.8 trillion dinars to 3 trillion dinars.

In the meantime, says Karim al-Nuri, a military spokesman for the popular crowd, (range) that "the increase appeared after 2016," referring to the increase occurring after the adoption of the current budget that year, voted on by parliament in late 2015.

Restructuring crowd

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said in an interview with state television last week, that "the crowd is suffering considerable havoc and the presence of fighters aliens in its ranks," he said, adding that the crowd "need to structure and protect it from political interference," denying rumors that leaked recently, about the presence of scheme to resolve the crowd.

Abadi said during the same interview, that "the inspector crowd, who said he belonged to the Badr bloc told him, that there is an increase in the number belonging to the crowd outside the allotment."

A few days later, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, deputy chief of the popular crowd, issued an arrest warrant for impersonators recipe "crowd" and the closure of all phantom headquarters, according to the court orders and in cooperation with the security agencies responsible for the security of the capital Baghdad.

These developments came after leaks talked about the issuance of warrants dismissal of the engineer from his post, especially with the publication of the document reveals the appointment of the team Mohsen Al-Kaabi aide to the President of the Commission.

And he warned that "substitution" movement, one of the factions of the popular crowd, Thursday, attempts to isolate the Engineer.

The movement said in a press statement, "The commander Abu Mahdi Mohandes was an engineer for all the victories that have been achieved as wearing armor on his chest, raising the slogan victory or martyrdom even make the greedy and spiteful successive defeats in a coma." Movement and found that "it has not lived up to the makers of the death and destruction of those plots to Iraq and its people bad."

Movement added that "those completed page treachery in dirty their transactions, trying to isolate victories engineer for berms where he was born fraught", saying it "will not be satisfied without the engineer never a substitute, and will remain the prestige leader Mujahid Abu Mahdi and prestige of the crowd Mujahid high not shaken by the winds of hatred and lie down."

But MP Faleh al-Khazali confirmed that "the engineer was still in office in the leadership of the crowd operations," noting that "al-Kaabi will be responsible for administrative and financial affairs."

Khazali revealed a "new changes will occur on the structure of the body the popular crowd." He is pointing out that "the composition of the crowd has been quick reaction to Daash progress in a number of areas and now need to re-regulation."

On the other hand faces the crowd to form a committee in the House of Representatives are several obstacles to oppose some of the blocks of the project.

And confirms a member of the Badr bloc MP Faleh al-Khazali said "the masses of the Liberal and coalition forces have refused to form a special committee to crowd under the pretext of the existence of the security and defense committee."

He Khazali, one of the nominated members of the Committee on the crowd, that "Parliament voted at the end of last September on the formation of the committee, and began sending Marchihaa blocs but has not met yet."