Iraq vows to activate the banking and financial dealings with Iran
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Iraq vows to activate the banking and financial dealings with Iran
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Iraq pledged to activate the banking and financial dealings with Iran, which has promised to turn the Iraqi side to continue serious this issue and remove the problems between the two sides in this area.
According to Iranian sources, he met Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade of Iran, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh Thursday in Baghdad, President of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali Mohsen Keywords, which was considered one of the necessities of trade cooperation and investment placement, activate trading banking and finance between the two countries promised to the Iraqi side to follow-up the serious to this topic problems and the removal of in front of the banking and financial dealings between the two sides.
President of the National Council for the Iraqi investments Sami al-Araji, also met in Baghdad announced the readiness of Iranian companies to employ joint investments in industrial projects in Iraq.
Araji was proposed in the meeting to conclude a memorandum of understanding for the recruitment of joint investments between the two countries and said that the National Council for Investment has a number of projects under construction.
He pointed out Rumaila to generate electricity station in southern Iraq capacity of 300 MW, he said Iranian companies involved in this important project.
Araji said that "there are good opportunities for cooperation with Iran in agriculture, electricity, oil and gas, communications and take advantage of the technical sciences corporate sectors of Iran."
During a meeting with the Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji Nematzadeh announced Iran's readiness to set up towns, industrial and investment in and challenged the reconstruction and construction of new industrial units in Iraq.
For his part, the Iraqi minister said that a number of industrial units and Iraqi Mthrih need modernization and reconstruction and that Iran and due to their experience and technical sciences Bamکanha help Iraq in this area. "