Corruption hundred million dollars to Mr. and Transport Minister Bayan!.


to an appeal by the MP Mishan al-Jubouri, the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and to the Integrity Commission in connection with corruption scandals run by Bayan al-Zubaidi, Iraq and followed the law .. Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Esquire this esteemed head of the Integrity Commission Proceedings of a corruption scandal hero Mr. Bayan and the current Minister of transport involvement Pfsolha since he was finance minister and the finish, when he became minister of transport and related control of the land at Baghdad airport Add free markets and the damage to the interests of the state with the connivance of the minister Solagh exceed percent million dollars please consider this letter as a communication me on the state of corruption and you matter 1. lands located within the security fence to Baghdad international Airport and, as with all occupied Iraq, registered in the name of the Ministry of Finance 2. the lease these lands to companies under a special system returns and wage system called in Iraqi airports calculates the price of rent per square meter for one year Lands for non-roofed $ 100 annually was amended in 2008 to be $ 150, and the Lands thatched was $ 150 per square meter has become under the amendment to $ 250 per m / year. 3. There was a company under the control of the American space area (27 acres and 18 Ulke and 73 m 2) any (69,373) Sixty-nine thousand three hundred and seventy-three meters square. 4. In 2009, American troops began to hand over the airport facilities to the Iraqi government which has managed the Iraqi authorities of the inventory of land transgressor them and meet the wage goes ... very strange that the Ministry of Finance jumped to the forefront with the firmware provided by the company where the under record attached (Document No. 1) weigh the price of wage ideals of this piece and constructions at $ 36000000 thirty-six million dinars annually only .. while the price of wage goes under the returns and pay system and assuming the absence of any roofs as follows: a - before the 2008 meter price of $ 100 means 69373 X 100 = 6937300 six million nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand three hundred dollars a year ... !!!! B - after the 2008 price of $ 150 per square meter means 69373 X 150 = 10475323 ten million, four hundred and seventy-five thousand three hundred and twenty-three ... !!!! How much is the difference a year under that? 5. complained to the Ministry of Transport to the Prime Minister and the existence of these abuses by companies under the pretext of the existence of understandings with the Finance Ministry where he summoned the Prime Minister by the Minister of Defense and Minister of National Security and Transport Minister and Deputy Minister of the Interior and asked them to conduct revealed my website and make recommendations, was that where the Commission to raise the minutes Appendix (document No. 2) as the recommendation No. 5 clear and frank, and honest prime minister on record in 04.13.2010, but the Finance Ministry has not implemented !!! 6. Minister of Transport came back and put the issue again in the 39th meeting for the year 2010 of the Council of Ministers, which adopted Resolution 360 to allocate land for Civil Aviation exclusively and the abolition of the previous decades (Document No. 3) .. However, the odd strange after all this, the Ministry of Finance signed an investment contract with this company on this ground (document No. 4) and cheaply in 04/05/2011 !!!!! 7. objected to the Ministry of Transport and severely under 3489 in 02/06/2011 book (Document No. 5) and showed where all of the details and circumstances and asked the Finance Ministry to cancel the contract and meet the rent differentials public treasury for the benefit .. 8. The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance under the book 33496 on 10.22.2012 (document No. 6) the need to cancel the contract and return the situation to what it was 9. confirmed integrity on the Ministry of Finance by a letter head of the 2732 Office 06.16.2011 Authority (document 7) take mutatis but without air still the company exploits this piece in the land of the Baghdad airport and is practiced in commercial activities, markets, shops and other and God knows and without any accountability and site widget extremely dangerous how much is the value of the waste of public money. If were relieved the company for the exploitation of the land in 2003 Vllsnoat 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 a - 4 X 6937300 = 27749200 Twenty-seven million, seven hundred and forty nine thousand two hundred dollars for the years 2008 to the end of 2015 b - 8 X 10475323 = 83802584 Eighty-three million, eight hundred and two thousand five hundred and eighty four dollars if we collected a and b a total of 111,551,784 hundred and eleven million five hundred and one and fifty thousand and seven hundred and eighty four dollars ... But if it is detected on the site, and calculating pay accurately in terms of space and buildings, the figure will increase significantly now, maybe the minister wants to connect them to one of the owners of hotels in the Dead Sea to Icharkoh in exchange for silence about them ... .. because he arranged subject since if finances.