Saleem al-Jubouri for the people of Mosul over the radio edit of Nineveh in the next few days

February 19, 2016 19:40
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Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said the liberalization of Nineveh province, the process will be in the next few days. ", Without specifying the date.
He said al-Jubouri, in the text of his address to the people of Nineveh province, through the radio command edit Nineveh operations in the district of drunken east of the city of Mosul, the "victory Nags close and high morale in the processes of liberalization and is only a few days to see a return of Mosul and throughout Nineveh to what it was and the best , the glory of her family and Amadaifam Bmsaahm and goodness in order to achieve unity and harmony and stability. "
He added that "the period that has passed you over the past days and months have been difficult, shed the blood of many innocent people and the right of you a lot of injustice and violence perpetrated by terrorist groups, and displaced thousands looking for a place to hide until achieve immunity of evil and terrorism, but both the plight of the demise and this ordeal will be gone when collaborating among yourselves in order to achieve victory. "
He said al-Jubouri told the residents trapped in Mosul "in the House and your representatives for the province as well as the local administration and the governor and the municipal council and security leaders are cooperating with each other to chart the way in which we can achieve victory roadmap."
The head of the House of Representatives, that "the president of the republic and commander in chief of the armed forces have made is editor of Nineveh at the forefront of the tasks that we are embarking upon because we are confident that the next few days will witness the release of Nineveh support and outsourcing of the international coalition and help us from the states and the crowd clan and the Peshmerga, and who began getting ready for a walk and clear steps towards liberalization are certain, ".
He explained that "we think today is the post-editing, and how can we maintain peace, security and stability, and how they could return the land and maintained by its people and its people, and our goal is not only to expel terrorism even eliminate it completely."
Jubouri said "you promise you as sons and brothers, because we are aware of your suffering and circumstance through too during this period, that make Nineveh edit the purpose and goal and the means by which we will do everything we can in order to achieve them."
"The eyes of Iraqis consider you a difficult circumstance that through too it is about to end and we will be by your side and Enainkm, as well as ask you to Taanonna every means by which that defeated terrorism, and ask the Almighty to preserve Nineveh and its people dear and we will meet one day and we stand together and our country that enjoys security and stability ".