Open trade outlets for the sale of construction materials for citizens

BAGHDAD balances News - General Company for the trade of construction materials, announced on Thursday, the opening for the sale of construction materials center on both sides of Baghdad's effective contribution in alleviating the housing crisis and enable the citizen to get a high structural quality materials world-class accredited and competitive prices below domestic market prices.

The general director of the company, Adnan al-Sharifi in a ministry statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "short positions were distributed at the company's headquarters located in Andalus Square and crumb sales center and thirst and the Centre for Freedom compound sales (Dabbash) and the Centre for Abu Obeida sales (Khan Dhari) indicating that the sale and processing procedures for citizens workout style simple and stress-free."

He Sharifi "During chaired a meeting of the members of the Board of Directors which is to discuss the rules of procedure of the preparation of the company on the need to make some amendments to the rules of procedure of the company because it is promising at a time when a centralized system there because the concept of the rules of procedure at the moment is quite different from the concept previously."

He stressed the need to "work as one team and adopt a business perspective as an option, which is consistent with Iraq's move towards a market economy, which is required to get out of the previous frameworks, which is characterized by centralization and restriction in the proceedings, which may have been consistent with the monopolistic system that worked with the company for several decades and which do not commensurate with the general trend towards open market and that we have to keep creative and innovative plans that would continuity of the sustainability of life at work."

And achieved the General Company for Trading of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce, sales reached (4,015,165,901) in total cash and futures sales for 2015 in Baghdad and Mahafezat.anthy 29/4 e