Joint stock companies to attract capital

2/18/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice
saw a consultant in industrial development and investment to establish joint stock companies (mixed) would attract massive capital, especially with the orientations of the state in the restructuring of public companies for the advancement of their betterment productive, what the benefit of the country and the investor.

Member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Advisory Amer Issa He noted that the establishment of this type of company, or the public conversion to the contribution will be of high admissibility by a lot of investors or partners, as well as employees in public companies, especially as it contributes to the improvement of the local product that enters in the reconstruction of infrastructure and service the huge building projects Great, as well as providing a lot of employment opportunities.

attract capital and believes the advisory that the success of the establishment of these companies lies in attracting huge capital by foreign and domestic investments in partnership with the government, as it is a guarantee to the foreign investor, besides keeping government agencies rights as in the states many of them regional Kalamarat, Saudi Arabia and others.

the companies contribute the backbone of economic growth, so as to carrying out major projects that fail by the possibilities of ordinary people, for their ability to assemble huge capital, Vtturk their mark on the economic and social life, it's also a pillar of the national economy due to its contribution to the construction and strengthen as economic units stationed around the various economic actors.

the success of the investment environment , but Jesus called to follow the steps and measures to ensure the success of the investment environment and the elimination of corruption and red tape in state institutions, as well as increase the capacity of teams responsible for this process to attract investments and create a successful business environment.

He stressed importance of achieving real will to change and restructuring by the authorities concerned to ensure the success of these partnerships, and supporting the national product is characterized by quality, as well as the completion of several service projects provided to citizens, urging at the same time to form an expanded work team looking for financiers (investment), along with the use of Advisory offices to advise on the job.