Parliamentary power demanding a serious dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil over oil and gas law

History Tahrir:: 2016/2/18 13:08 65 times mqrwh

[Oan- Baghdad]
called on the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Thursday February 18 governments in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region to initiate a serious dialogue about the oil and gas law.

The committee said in a statement read in the House of Representatives "We are following with concern of Finance crisis plaguing the country and caused by falling private oil prices that Iraq depends on oil revenues as the main source and the crisis impact on the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga popular crowd and tribesmen fervent anti Daash terrorist gangs."

"the survival of the problem relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan region for the oil file is not in the interest of both parties and the country," indicated "we are in the month of February, we had a role in the convergence of views between the two sides to end the problems of this file, but unfortunately the two governments can not reach a solution final. "

he continued the oil" We heard from the head of the Federal Minister [Haider al-Abadi] last week during a televised interview that he is willing to pay employees' salaries territory in exchange for delivery of oil exports to the company Sumo as well as the positive response by the provincial government. "

and showed" We are in the oil and energy welcome such invitations and encourage a party to the federal government and the province to implement Dawathma on the ground and agree on a draft oil and gas law, or any other format serves the common interest of all Iraqi officials from FAO to Zakho. "

the committee called" commitment of the parties by law the budget for the year 2016 containing articles on oil from the Kurdistan region and the region's share of the state budget, pointing out that "oil revenues belongs to the Iraqi people and should be distributed to the provinces in a fair and just.

the Committee stressed in its statement on the need to deal with the file transparently and that the survival of the oil's problems between the federal government and the province over of the country's economic loss for that call for the federal government and the province to initiate a serious dialogue and exit bold decisions in the light of the constitution and the agreement of political arbitrator. "