Percentage of completion of each zero international report: projects and ministries of culture and education lagging behind


Agencies: detecting an international watchdog's report, on Wednesday, for a defect projects Ministries of Culture and Education and the delay and waste of public money worth billions of dinars, as pointed out that the completion of these projects ratios low and some are zero. He said the international auditor of the company (Ernst & Young) to monitor the work of the Iraqi ministries, in a report that "the report of the Ministry of Culture for 2014 on the draft rehabilitation Baghdad tourist island, the ministry has referred the project to the construction company at $ 1,933,831,500 dinars and duration of the implementation of one year from the date of signing the contract It signed on 20 February 2008, "noting that" the reluctance of the company to pay the ministry in 2011 to stop the work and speed up the formation of a committee in December 2011 to implement the remaining portion amounting to 29% of the project. "
The Ernst & Young auditor, that "the Commission to speed up the problem by the ministry began its work in January of 2013, where he led the reluctance of the Commission to accelerate its work to damage the materials found at the site due to poor storage and caused great losses," he said, adding that " It was stopped work on the project in December 2015 because of the referral of the island to invest after spending $ 2.603 billion Iraqi dinars. "
He said the international auditor, that "Baghdad is the capital of Arab culture project, which includes 20 projects worth 479.25 billion dinars decades, was supposed to be completed in March 2013, has been canceled 13 projects, including the redeployment of allocations to the remaining nine projects," pointing out that "one of the projects that has been accomplished is the rehabilitation of the Great Square celebrations and the gardens surrounding the amount of 6892530311 Dinara although this arena is located in the closed international zone. "
He said the auditor, that "the opera house project site with Rotam Company for Tourism, construction and industry Turkish Foreign Affairs and Trade on 15 December 2011, the duration of implementation of 18 months and $ 169.65 billion dinars, where the company's laggard was pulled to work in April 2014, was then cancel withdraw the work in September 2014 the company was granted an additional period of 100 days and decided to withdraw them work again in December 2014, and the completion rate at that date only 5%. "
In a related context revealed the international auditor, that "the Ministry of Culture agreed with the Iranian pilgrimage organization to register visa fee on visitors entering the Iranians have the Hajj organization mentioned and do not pay in cash, but the debt on the Iranian organization has reached US $ 12254640 have not paid up to version the report, "stressing that" the Iranian Organization did not respond to the Iraqi side claims to pay those dues or negotiated, as was the last correspondence issued by the Ministry of culture in February 2014 ".
He Ernst & Young auditor, that "the debt owed by the coalition forces in favor of the Al-Rasheed Hotel was $ 43136736 since 2004, was not paid until now, note that the last correspondence was dated September 2014, it has not been follow-up after that," stressing that "the ministry contracted to implementation of three projects before the creation of the site, which led to the delay in the implementation of projects stood at a 33-month contracts. "
He stressed the international auditor, that "the internal control department, which 27 employees 10 of whom work in it is not linked to accounting or auditing Some graduate of sociology and other languages ​​and the latest computers and other cultivation and the latest design, and a graduate of a junior high industry and some of them can read and write, despite the fact that this section is a detailed whatever the control over the expenditure of funds. "
And on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ernst & Young auditor, revealed "low achievement ministry projects ratios and worth 744376500000 dinars for the construction of three teaching hospitals and the building of the Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics, where the percentage of completion ranged between 0% and 17%, although he had been contracted in 2012 any action against executing companies did not take, "pointing out that" the work has been stopped for lack of financial allocations in the budget for the years 2014 and 2015 ". He said the international observer, that "teaching hospital in Karbala, a project of $ 245276500000 dinars site in December 2012 tarry work there because of the lack of readiness of the site, the ministry chose another site is not also ready to work from the physical and legally The implementation rate of 7% up to the month of September 2015 ,. in addition to a shortage in the contract documents and not to follow the ministry with the university on the project. "
With regard to the Ministry of Education, he pointed out the international auditor, that "the reluctance of the project demolition and rebuilding ramshackle school site with several companies in 2011, the percentage of completion ranged between 37.07% and 44.94% the ministry did not take any action against the lagging companies," noting that "the Ministry of Education and the referral of the printing and processing of books and other school supplies to companies from the public and private sectors to be processed decades has forwarded the contract processing wrote the curriculum to the General Company for Railways in February 2014 in the amount of 698 982 615 dinars, and after 70 days the ministry Company alarmed because of delays in implementation In July 2014 ".
He said the international auditor, that "another contract to equip also wrote the curriculum referred the ministry the contract to the General Company for the production of educational supplies at $ 53718968560 dinars and in the month of February 2004," stressing that "the company signed a contract with a subcontractor the printing of books abroad Contrary to the recommendations of the General Secretariat the Council of Ministers, and despite the delay in implementation, the ministry signed a contract extension in August 2014, to extend the processing time for a period of 60 days. "
Ernst & Young auditor pointed out that "The ministry referred the number of contracts to processors in a manner delayed payment and Elv speculative stomach by her note that there are no regulations governing the date of signing contracts or ceiling amounts or interest rate or recovery for which the ministry signed in unspecified financial obligations ".
He drew international observer, that "The ministry has used the style of direct call for the processing of school furniture Although this technique is only used for contracts with specialized nature, however, the ministry forwarded the contract amount 174920276750 dinars to the General Ezz affiliated to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals," adding, that "the company Ezz is unrelated to the furniture industry and knowledge of the ministry through field visits to non-readiness of the company to perform the contract and reached a completion rate of 0% up to the date of auditors visit in August 2015. "
It is noteworthy that Iraq has long occupied the advanced ranks in the global indices of corruption, since corruption is a challenge, "no less a threat" from terrorism faced since 2003, despite the announcement of successive governments to the fight against corruption a priority of its work.