According to Tariq Harb: the prime minister and the constitution laughing on equality between the dismissal of ministers and sacked !!

Dated: 02/17/2016 Wednesday 7:24

Iraq today / special
It seems that tinplate reform Sokhna Chairman of the current government - Haider al-Abadi, has become highly Sgunth the parties who enjoy a hearty share of ministries, so is the door, their enthusiasm and their love for Reform (carnivorous .. Protect), and found that it is imperative that the reform Abadi affects himself .
Legal expert - Tariq Harb, DDS Legal his nose in the kitchen of the modern reformist, and Maimitlleke cooks political process rights in it: "The Prime Minister, remains his position, even if it has the dismissal or resignation of all the ministers," then alerted the war to come to the newspaper, wrong idea. . The dismissal of ministers means substituting, the dismissal of the prime minister to himself: "it is a constitutional error, considered resigning Prime Minister, his dismissal of all government ministers," then brought us the Constitution of war and putting it in front of us: "if he had said all ministers Mstquilin when the parliament, to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, as stated in article (61 / VIII / c) of the Constitution, there is no contrary to the Constitution .. no there is no provision in the Constitution, requires the resignation of the prime minister, when his dismissal of all members of the Council of Ministers ", and what is also Nothingness him in the country's constitution, we read: "There is also provision, requires the resignation of prime minister when the parliament to withdraw confidence from all ministers .. No trace of the dismissal of ministers or their resignations to the prime minister, remains the Prime Minister continues his job and carry out his duties, and can acceptance of the appointment of new ministers, rather than the ministers who were sacked by him or pulled-confidence from the parliament ", and which are a must in the new set of ministers:" We have a prime minister to go to parliament for a vote of confidence for new ministers who have been their choice, rather than the ministers who took dismissed or resigned, "then our first Matnih article war (83 constitutional):" It is in spite of joint liability contained in Article 83 of the Constitution, this article regulates the provisions of joint liability to the prime minister, and members Council of Ministers, and did not speak for the resignation of the Prime Minister or his dismissal in this case, responsibility is something the resignation and dismissal something else, "and kept us with the war:" the Constitution has not enjoined the dismissal of the prime minister or the submission of resignation, when his dismissal of all ministers, or when the Minister submit resignations all, even if the resignation and dismissal book or one decision. "