The final accounts for 2007 reveal a waste of 75 trillion dinars

2.16.2016 22:26

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Eight years after the Iraqi parliament succeeded to reveal the final accounts for 2007, which included a reference to the loss of 75 trillion dinars unaccounted details.

The report also monitor the violation of the Ministry of Finance to grant cash advances totaling 5.522 trillion dinars without the presence of allocating them based on special Council of Ministers decisions.

The report shows that foreign debt amounted to (50.201) billion dollars, while domestic borrowing reached under the treasury transfers (3.746) trillion dinars.

A report of the final accounts for 2007, which was obtained (range) a copy of it, to a number of violations and financial irregularities recorded a lot of ministries, government departments, resulting in the loss of money and large sums of money. The report also monitor cash advances multibillion-dollar exchange rate.

Attention report, which was read by the House of Representatives in session yesterday ,, that, "remarked the first time the separation of current and investment Almoisntin after it was built for previous years as well as to provide some government departments and financial statements for 2007 to the Ministry of Finance, making the final accounts are incomplete."

According to the report, the government departments that failed to submit their data, are: Defense Ministry / Directorate of Military shops. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Research Service. Intelligence agency. The Ministry of Finance / Development Fund and bulletin announcements. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Diyala University, and the University of Yarmouk.

The report notes that "the application of the new government accounting system on the state accounts starting from 01/01/2007 led to the difficulty of making comparisons with the corresponding previous year."

The report indicates the "continuation of the Ministry of Finance to grant advances without an allocation based on a special Council of Ministers decisions totaling (5.522) trillion dinars."

The report also pointed out that "the external debt amounted to (50.201) billion dollars, while domestic borrowing totaled, the amounts under the special treasury vouchers, (3.746) trillion dinars."

The report pointed out that "the size of the total budget revenues amounted to (42.064) trillion dinars, while actual revenues amounted to $ (54.965) trillion dinars." And that "the expenses, certified with the revised, was (53.672) Trliuna while actual spending amounted to the total budget of the year 2007 the amount of (39.308) trillion dinars."

The report notes the existence of a surplus in the 2007 budget amounted to (15.700) trillion dinars, while the accumulated surplus for the years 2003 to 2007 (about 52.060) trillion dinars.

And did the House of Representatives, in its meeting yesterday, read the report and discuss the final accounts of the Republic of Iraq for 2007, submitted by the Finance Committee, which considered that the investigation into some financial issues, including the final accounts, from the jurisdiction of the Integrity Commission.

The Commission emphasized, during the presentation of the report of the final accounts, that "the BSA statement illustrates the wrongfulness of conduct and how healthy behaviors and in particular that have a significant impact on financial transactions." The Commission pointed out that "the departments said in a report that the final accounts for the year 2007 were obligated to submit their final accounts in the year" in 2008.

And the deputy Slevana Sarhan, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, (range), that "approximately 75 trillion dinars missing report as the final accounts and a search was underway indicates by the Audit Bureau and the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives."

Slevana and pointed out that "the budget surplus for 2007 did not explain the regulators how it was spent by the previous government as well as having cash advances did not know the actors received, and therefore these amounts are no longer to the Treasury in spite of eight years after the grant."

On the other hand, mheibes Razak MP, a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, says that "is supposed to provide the final accounts with the federal budget not be sent after eight years."

He pointed mheibes, (range), to "send the final accounts to parliament for a fee next year's budget," but he also said, "But what is happening now is contrary to the law and the Constitution."