Tamimi's / balances News /: Government behind the economy of the crisis in 2016

Economy Since 02.17.2016 at 11:09 (Baghdad time)

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He confirmed a member of the Finance Committee Magda Tamimi that the bad performance of the government and think personal interests behind the economic crisis experienced by the country during the current year.

He promised the Vice Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Harith al-Harthy, corruption and tampering with money of the Iraqi state a cause of economic stagnation and austerity happening in Iraq, while noting the lack of properly to maintain the country's economic planning.

Said committee member Majda al-Tamimi's / balances News /, that "the government's performance was low due to lack of competence in government cabin, as he did not bring a particular political thinking the interests of the country and his service, but rather depends on oil revenues not bother development, tourism and industry, the private sector and other , there is also a corruption Msthari institutions. "

He said al-Tamimi, said the "Cancel customs tariff in the past was a decision to hurt the interests of other, as the traders who enter their goods into the country behind major political parties, and therefore they think of how to achieve material gains."

She pointed out that "most of the politicians who have held positions, destroyed the Iraqi economy must be put an end to this farce."

She said, "The deficit was a result of reliance on oil As we adopt unilateral economic system and not to other sectors, the development of, for example, neighbors, including Iran, countries, for example, relies on an income of oil by one-third, while the remaining two-thirds imitators of agriculture and industry, as there is a balance to the economy if disrupted one of them, other sectors are working Brphi state treasury funds. "

It is said that the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary proof Mamouri said earlier, that there is political interference without hindering the development of other sectors because of rampant corruption, and the adoption of wrong economic policies in the previous stages.

From: Ola Massaol