Investment portfolio the need for the development of financial resource

Last update: Wednesday, February 17, 2016 - 10:03

World countries seeking to expand its economic resources and the development of financial revenues to diversify sources of income and not rely on one and negative financial source to rely on the fluctuation of the sole source of income rates, fluctuating Iraqi economy mode with fluctuations in oil prices, which make up Mdjulath about 92 percent of the country's resources.

Global stock representative in Iraq, Osama Mahmoud stressed the need to work on multiple financial resources, pointing to the importance of benefiting from international experiences in this regard and that employed the oil revenues in the revitalization of other economic sectors to diversify the economic basket and therefore not its dependence on oil imports only in the financing of the economy.
The need for planning

He stressed the importance of using part of its oil revenues in the development of the agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors, warning of the experience of the United Arab Emirates, where oil imports exploited systematically and thoughtful in the infrastructure sectors of all the development, pointing to the need for proper planning and plans studied in making economic development.

Mahmood between the need to develop their economies on the composition of an investment portfolio to be an additional source of income by building a portfolio of investments in global stock markets involving the most important global financial institutions and the world's central banks and major investment institutions.